Time of Dance | A Mom-to-be Poem about being Pregnant

by Anonymous

A gentle poem about pregnancy, written by an expecting woman as she reflects on her passage into motherhood. She awaits the moment that her baby would be born, and shares her hopes, fears and joys in this poem about being pregnant.

Surely there has never been a time
so lovely and so wonderful as now.
The autumn leaves are falling and the night
is soft and still yet warm.

I am standing at a cusp,
the place where womanhood changes into motherhood.
A new life comes from deep within,
her body will forever bear the mark.

I will not lie to you, my sisters, I am anxious
sometimes, about the moment when I’ll birth this life.
But nothing will compare to looking deep
into the dewy eyes of my newborn babe.

Here’s a time as old as it is new;
a time when I am not just one, but two.
A baby nestled up beneath my heart,
a newfound mother waiting to be born.

With each day, more and more excitement builds
and finally I’ll meet my special babe.
But until then, I’ll wait with joy and wonder,
and dance my dance of pregnancy each day.

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