The Pregnancy Journey Poem - Week by Week

by Archana
(Bangalore, India )

You know that this is the beginning

Of your forty week journey ahead
With a tiny life now in your womb
The mystery of pregnancy unfolds
You try to unravel it all slowly
As your mind and body change

The first four weeks is a surprise
You wonder if your little one has arrived
In the first two weeks, tiny cells are in your womb
The third week, they slowly implant and divide
The fourth week, your bundle of joy is a tiny yolk sac
And it begins the first few steps of life

The fifth week, the embryo arrives
The sixth week, a little heart that beats within,
Organs of your little one develop,
The seventh week, an umbilical cord connects you both
The eight week, little webbed fingers and toes
You are tired, your heart beats multiply

The ninth week your baby has muscles,
Week ten, the umbilical cord meets the placenta
Week eleven brings in the foetus
In the twelfth week, your baby’s skin grows
Finger nails so tiny, slowly develop
You see yourself, your skin is different
You gain weight with your baby inside

The thirteenth week makes you dizzy
In the fourteenth week, identity is a boy or girl
Week fifteen, muscles and bones develop
Week sixteen, it begins to move around
Heartburns and nausea you tolerate,
The tiny one grows into a life of its own

The seventeenth week you can feel your baby
Week eighteen, the baby can hear the sounds within
Week nineteen, your stomach flutters, as the baby moves
Week twenty, movement in your womb you may see
Now the baby can slowly swallow
You are halfway through your journey

Week twenty one, you feel tiny kicks
Week twenty two, your baby can taste and feel,
The baby is growing each day
Week twenty three, your appetite grows
Week twenty four, you weigh much more now
As your little one adds to your weight

Week twenty five, your tummy is big
Week twenty six, your little one has grown much more
In the twenty seventh week, your baby recognises your voice
Week twenty eight, your baby's brain grows,
Your back hurts, your body aches
Yet you care deeply for your baby

The twenty ninth week, your baby has grown
Week thirty, you feel wiggles and stretches inside
Week thirty one, you feel tired, your legs ache
Week thirty two, swelling on your body and face
You struggle to sleep each night
As you feel the baby move within

Week thirty three, your baby can detect light,
The thirty fourth week, your baby's head starts to fix
Week thirty five, baby grows and fills the uterus
The thirty sixth week, your baby is almost ready to arrive
Week thirty seven, the baby co-ordinates movements
The thirty eighth week, the baby is all grown now

The last couple of weeks as they near
Brings you close to the day you await
You are ready to give birth soon
To see your beloved baby’s face
You tolerate the pain and sleeplessness
Just for the mother you are going to be

And when the pain arrives one day
You know it is the right time
To forget all the pains endured so far
And bring new life into the world,
And love your baby when it arrives
To bring joy and happiness into your life

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