The Joy of A Woman Bearing A Child-Pregnancy Poem

by Sheila Cornillez
(Manila, Philippines)

Feeling this little miracle inside your womb

Growing inside you,is a feeling
Nothing in this world could ever describe
Knowing that one day you will be holding this child
In your hands and arms is really one of the greatest gifts A woman can have and experience

Anticipating for that day
That you will be seeing the replica of you
And your husband
Is something that is beyond description
Especially when that moment has come
That you will be seeing, holding, touching
And hearing that little angel

You will be filled with an overwhelming joy
Nothing in this world could match the happiness
That you will feel within
Not every woman is given the privilege
To experience such a wonderful feeling
Of becoming a mother

It’s something every woman should and must experience
Everytime I get pregnant
I always have this feeling of anxiety
But the feeling of excitement takes over
While waiting for that moment the baby will be born
And when that time arrives
There’s that feeling of fulfillment and contentment

You will feel the love of our Creator
For entrusting you a very precious and valuable Being
It’s a gift; it’s a blessing we must handle
With much love and care
Indeed a miracle from up above

Though becoming a mother is not an easy task
Not an easy job
But it is a very rewarding
And fulfilling job
The true essence of a woman

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