THE GREATEST ON EARTH  | Poem about Pregnancy Journey by Dr Anne Parfitt-Rogers



A tiny cell, the start of the story, 

Soon to blossom into unending glory;

The estrogens give a healthy glow,

As the tiny creation says hello!

The thin blue line spreads across the testing kit,

To the other side, like banana split;

With nervous excitement the mom exclaims,

“I’m pregnant!” Now to think of names….


Zara or Thomas, what will it be?

The decisions to be made for the ceremony

But for now they’ll still keep mum

As the baby inside her grows in her tum.


Through the early stages, past the morning nausea,

Past breakfasts that got queasier and queasier;

As her body expands and her breasts get tender,

Preparing for the first feed, the human splendor!


Blood cells and placenta spring into action,

Upping the pace of her circulation;

While mom maintains an air of calm,

Moistening her skin with coconut palm.


Her bond with her baby grows ever closer,

Noticing each kick with delight growing longer, 

Her friends are thrilled to hear her news,

Grandparents-to-be with joy enthuse.


Dad makes it along to the birthing classes,

Learning the skills for labor and after,

Pampering her when she gets fatigued,

Watching the scans they are both intrigued.


Decorating the nursery, buying the cot,

The thermometer to make sure it doesn’t get too hot;

Supplies of nappies, clothes from friends and relations,

Blankets and prams, hats for summer vacations.


Visiting the clinic, making sure all is ready,

The baby’s development is still nice and steady;

Listen to the heart beat; watch her grow in size,

Two tiny hands, feet and toes are alive.


Nine months go by and baby has grown,

Ready for exodus, pressing down on the bone;

Signs of labor ensue as your wake up call,

Ready for the moment, the greatest on earth.

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