Snapshots of a Lifetime - Poem to Inspire Pregnant Women

by Kisha Misha

A poem about beauty of being pregnant, when woman really is doing something exceptional and everyone treat her like a queen, just like she deserves.

Women are warriors of peace
Armed with weapons of beauty
Fighting for nature's existance
Winning in the name of life

Every pregnant woman is queen
Of a Heart Warmth Kingdom
She is protected with crown of flowers
Shored with scepter made of love

Pregnant woman is centre of the world
With full attention layed by her feet
With all the views pointed deep
In the essence of her effeminacy

She's the beginning of true colors rainbow
That one day ends in a rocking cradle
She's the unique calming melody
An old, well-known lullaby

Child-bearing women deserve all the care
Gifts aren't sufficient to express admiring
For the womanhood's upcoming marvel
The magic she is about to perform

The trick begins with just a peck
A spot which will grow into a life
Trough many stages and special days
And - voilà! The magic is done!

Transfusing the love into children
Unique alchemy women use
It brings joy to them and others
Because cuteness improves the world

Life pulsates and takes precious photos
The snapshots of a lifetime
Every woman is Mother Nature
Meaning of life is growing life

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