Signs of Pregnancy are Real!
Learn to observe and interpret the Signs



Signs of pregnancy make it possible to discover a woman is pregnant before subjecting herself to any pregnancy tests.

When you’re pregnant, your body changes and usually communicates the physical and emotional changes.

But most women are unaware of these pregnancy symptoms, some are aware but do not know how to detect and interpret them, while many doubt if any sign of changes could be useful.

We have tried to demystify the confusion and simply explain all the signs and symptoms, which you may possibly experience, to pin-point you’re pregnant.

You can tell that you are pregnant by making a close observation of your body; detecting some early, subtle signs that can largely confirm you’re pregnant, even long before doing any home pregnancy test or clinical confirmation from your doctor.

Though the early symptoms of pregnancy may seem confusing perhaps because other things, apart from pregnancy, could sometimes be responsible for the signs you observe. It will help if you carefully learn to observe and understand the rhythms of your body changes.

How fast you become aware that you are pregnant depends on how keenly you can observe your body and quickly notice the changes triggered by pregnancy.

One of the earliest and most ignored symptom of pregnancy is the simple feeling that something is not the same. Some women don’t need much of these signs we’ll be discussing, they just “feel pregnant”.

This feeling is mostly disregarded as wishful thinking, especially in the case of those who have been trying to conceive for a long time.

However, many women have reported to have had this feeling just before their pregnancy was clinically confirmed.This feeling is a natural way of intra personal pregnancy announcement.

While it isn't a rule that all women have this feeling, such flashes of intuitions are not to be taken lightly when you notice it.

In this section, PregnancyMama explains all the signs to watch-out for when you suspect that you could be pregnant. You will understand all possible signs of pregnancy including nausea and vomiting, bigger breasts and tender nipples, fatigue, frequent urination, headache, constipation, spotting and cramps, cravings for food, metal taste, sexual orgy, skin changes, bloating, mood swings and missed period.

For easy understanding, we have classified the signs and symptoms of pregnancy into two(2) subdivisions:

Jump to this link on top 10 pregnancy signs and also read what PregnancyMama explains about all possible pregnancy signs.

In addition, we will cover the earliest signs of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy symptoms, twin pregnancy signs, triplets pregnancy signs and pregnancy warning signs.

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