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Our pregnancy week-by-week section is a special package from PregnancyMama to help women in getting the big picture of each week of the estimated forty pregnancy weeks.

We see Pregnancy as an important event in every woman’s life and often it’s described as a miraculous and wondrous experience. This wonderful experience can’t be better understood without a comprehensive week-by-week pregnancy guide.

Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and Midwives calculate pregnancy not from conception but from the first day of a woman's last menstrual period. It implies that a 6 weeks pregnant Mom is actually in about 4 weeks after conception. On the basis of this timing, pregnancy lasts for an average of 40 weeks although most pregnancies end up either a bit shorter or longer.

When a woman’s pregnancy is confirmed, she must be absolutely elated with pristine euphoria and celebrations with her partner, parents, family and friends. Afterwards she settles down with reality and a burden, in anticipation of the cares and concerns of carrying pregnancy through the 40 weeks marathon. If you’re one or not, these estimated 40 weeks can be uniquely interesting and full of fun.

Watch the entire 9 Months Fetal Gestation from Conception to Childbirth Maturity in about 4.5 Minutes Video Below:

It’s interesting to know that every pregnant woman gets more confidence to handle all arising challenges, cares and concerns with the help of a good pregnancy week-by-week guide.

Not all of us have the benefit to be tutored on Pregnancy particularly as there are no “almighty rules” to having a baby. You can however count on PregnancyMama to get in-depth information on what to expect throughout the 40 weeks journey, and how to effectively cope with the inevitable physical, emotional and lifestyle changes.

We’ll ensure you don’t miss out on necessary valuable advice and tips on how to handle the best and challenging days from week one to forty, even postpartum.

There are days when a typical expecting mom feels absolutely fine and ecstatic. Then, there are those days when she feels down in the dumps especially when the belly starts growing rapidly after the second trimester.

It’s natural for a pregnant mom to have apprehension about her baby’s growth and well-being or whether she’s doing things right. Some have concerns about the type of exercises they can do at each stage of pregnancy while some others may want to know the type of food they must eat to ensure that the baby grows healthy.

Some wish to know why they are asked to do certain tests and exams such as amniocentesis, while information on what’s necessary to ensure natural childbirth may be the concern of others.

Realizing that it’s necessary to clear your doubts on all the issues arising in your pregnancy journey, we have developed this pregnancy week-by-week guide to offer you useful information during any week or stage of pregnancy.

Starting from pregnancy week 1, when morning sickness is common and sometimes terrible, right up to your delivery bed, you can refer to our pregnancy week-by-week guide for helpful information. Read through our week-by-week guide to know what your baby is up to, each week, and to be cleared about what’s pretty normal or otherwise.

As your baby develops inside the womb, a number of changes occur in your body accompanied with noticeable signs and symptoms, we have tailored our pregnancy week-by-week guide to deal with all of such possible symptoms and common problems during the 40 weeks.

As well, we’ll look into various common pregnancy-related health issues which often bother many moms. Carefully read through our week-by-week pregnancy guide to find out how PregnancyMama has put likely health issues into proper perspective in each week, to clear your doubts on what’s temporary, treatable and not very serious.

Your doctor may prescribe a series of tests especially during the initial stage of pregnancy. This pregnancy week-by-week will give you insights and useful information about these tests and how to be on the same page with your healthcare provider.

Our week-by-week guide provides tips and advice to help alleviate any apprehension you may have about possible tests and exams in your antenatal visits.

In the area of pregnancy ultrasound during pregnancy, to monitor fetal characteristics, growth and well-being, you can refer to this week-by-week pregnancy guide for information on when and why ultrasound is possibly recommended and what to expect.

This is what PregnancyMama has to say, “The best place for your baby to grow is inside you, and the best way to take care of your unborn baby is to take care of yourself”, therefore every day and every week counts.

Keep a cool mind, maintain a patient demeanor and take this pregnancy week-by-week guide, as a token of our care for your pregnancy journey.

Choose from the pregnancy weeks 1-40 below to fully read about any specific week.

Pregnancy week-by-week Calendar
                                                           Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar
 First Trimester 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks    4 weeks
5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks    8 weeks
9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks   12 weeks
 Second Trimester
13 weeks   14 weeks   15 weeks   16 weeks
17 weeks   18 weeks   19 weeks   20 weeks
21 weeks   22 weeks   23 weeks   24 weeks
25 weeks   26 weeks    
 Third Trimester
27 weeks   28 weeks   29 weeks   30 weeks
31 weeks   32 weeks   33 weeks   34 weeks
35 weeks   36 weeks   37 weeks   38 weeks
39 weeks   40 weeks  Overdue

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