Pregnancy Ultrasound Images That Captured the Magic Moments of Babies in the Womb 



A pregnancy ultrasound, also called sonography or sonogram, is a simple and painless screening test which produces pregnancy ultrasound images. It can be perform at any time during pregnancy for a variety of reasons.

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to make a picture or video of your baby.  This important method for evaluating pregnancy well-being involves the spread of a film of gel on the abdominal skin to improve sound conduction through it, and then a transducer is applied over the pregnant abdomen (trans-abdominal method).

Ultrasound examination displaying pregnancy ultrasound image on the monitor

The transducer is moved slowly over the abdomen above the uterus to project sound waves into the pelvis through the abdomen.

Pregnancy ultrasound imaging process with transducer moving slowly on the belly.

The sound waves bounce off tissues they are directed at, and so reflect back to the transducers in form of visual pregnancy ultrasound image or video of the fetus, displaying on a monitor, which can be closely examined for different purposes. The resulting ultrasound image could be displayed in 2D, 3D, or even 4D based on latest technology. 

In the case of the transvaginal method of performing pregnancy ultrasound, the procedure is same except the insertion of the transducer into the vaginal to transmit the sound waves instead of being applied on the belly.

Often, pregnancy ultrasounds are used to:

  • Date a pregnancy or tell the age of the baby or its growth rate
  • Confirm the number of fetuses
  • Check the baby’s heart rate, anatomy, position, size, sex, crown-rump measurement, and activities.
  • Conduct Doppler studies of fetal and umbilical blood flow
  • Check for certain problems or abnormalities in the growing fetus or fetuses

Although, it’s been pretty difficult for expecting moms and dads to read or interpret images from pregnancy ultrasounds without the help of doctors or sonographers, pregnancy ultrasound images or photos have been reported to help many expecting parents in experiencing a real bonding with their growing baby in the womb.

As ultrasound captures the magic moments of the baby in the amniotic comfort of the uterus, the picture are keepsakes that worth sharing not only with family, friends – and your baby when he or she grows up, but also to share the wonders of pregnancy with the entire world.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Images Gallery

Take a look at the photos of pregnancy ultrasounds shared by other moms and dads below.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Images or Photo Collage
Pregnancy ultrasound photo of a pregnant woman under examination by sonographer
Pregnancy ultrasound image
Pregnancy ultrasound image.
Pregnancy ultrasound image.
Pregnancy ultrasound photo of a pregnant woman being examined by a sonographer.
3D Pregnancy ultrasound image.

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