Eliminate Pregnancy Stretch Marks and any Skin Changes in less than Eight Weeks. 



Pregnancy stretch marks, called striae distensae, are pinkish red or purple streaks that appear on skin because of tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under the skin when stretched to its limit.

Human skin has tremendous potential to undergo stretch and expansion, the best example of which is happens during pregnancy, when as much as 40 to 50 pounds can be accommodated without leading to any rupture or breech in skin elasticity.

Due to rapid weight gain during pregnancy however, the skin has little time to undergo compensatory changes resulting in stretch marks. At least 90% of all pregnant women get a share of stretch marks. Only very few women escape stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stretch marks appear most frequently on the abdomen of expecting moms in early or later months of pregnancy but also appear on the hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and as well as breasts. Basically pregnancy stretch marks can appear on any part of your body where fat deposition or muscle expansion occurs.

How can I know if I will get pregnancy stretch marks?

It's rather difficult to tell when and where you’ll develop pregnancy stretch marks. Usually 50% of pregnant women get stretch marks by sixth month of pregnancy. No one can be certain about the occurrence and severity of stretch marks but there are some factors which may indicate the probability of having stretch marks.

Some research studies have shown that genetic disposition is a major indicator of whether you’ll get stretch marks or not. If your mother had stretch marks in her pregnancies, you’re most likely to get it.

Also, pregnant teens have increased chances of getting stretch marks during pregnancy largely because of their insufficient physical maturity into adulthood.

Following might be the reasons of getting Stretch Marks:

If you gain a lot pregnancy weight in a short duration, stretch marks appearance will be greater and more widespread.

Similarly, the chances and intensity of stretch marks is more with multiple pregnancies – in pregnancy with more than one baby.  

Other significant risk factor is in case of large-sized baby, with the expecting mom carrying more weight, resulting in increased stretch of abdominal skin.

In a condition known as polyhydramnios, where a pregnant woman has excess amniotic fluid, aggravated pregnancy stretch marks is very likely.

Do pregnancy stretch marks go away after childbirth?

Yes, pregnancy stretch marks become less prominent in about 6-12 months after childbirth. The pigmentation vanishes and the marks become lighter in color than the rest of the skin, although the color may vary with your natural skin tone.

Normally, stretch marks in pregnancy fade early after childbirth in fair-skinned moms and also in first time moms. With multiple pregnancies, it may take longer time to fade away and depending largely on your nutrition and pace of postpartum weight loss.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of stretch marks in good time?

It’s advised you start to use anti-stretch marks cream or lotion like DermaRestore as soon as you discover you’re pregnant in order to improve your skin tone and elasticity, thus reducing the chances of getting stretch marks later in pregnancy.


It's the only product uniquely contain natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, among others, known to help rebuild the skin.

Only moderate, gradual weight gain through healthy diet and regular exercise for maintaining your muscle tone are the best effective methods of preventing or alleviating skin stretch marks.

Only moderate, gradual weight gain through healthy diet and regular exercise for maintaining your muscle tone are the best effective methods of alleviating skin stretch marks.

Eliminating stretch marks completely might seem a daunting task but it's possible with the right solution.

Topically applied medicines, such as glycolic acid tretinoin (Retin-A) and steroid creams have proved effective. However, Retin-A isn't a very safe topical medication to be used during pregnancy.

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DermaRESTORE for Effective Stretch Mark and Scar Treatment 

DermaRESTORE is a breakthrough stretch marks and scar solution. It's acclaimed one of the best and most effective treatment for pregnancy stretch marks, including marks from weight gain or rapid growth.

It is manufactured from over 15 different clinically studied extracts, combined with essential oils, vitamins and other nutrients, necessary to solve the problem of stretch mark formation.

DermaRestore has been reported, in consumer reviews by many moms, to dramatically lessen the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks, restoring the natural skin texture.

There is no valid data to know they’re safe for use during pregnancy because they contain vitamin A which important for good health but may be responsible for birth defects if taken in large quantity during pregnancy.

So it is recommended not to use these topical treatments during pregnancy or breastfeeding to avoid passing the substances in them to your baby through your bloodstream. Retin-A or other steroid creams must be used strictly on prescription after childbirth.

Regarding tummy tuck or laser treatment, it’s the most effective and costly option. It can refurbish your stretched marked skin, changing the stretch marks’ color and making your skin look more or less like your original skin color.

The presence of stretch marks during pregnancy is thought to be a cosmetic issue, so ensure your skin is moist and nourished. Pay attention to your diet; eat healthy to improve your skin elasticity and stay in shape before and during pregnancy to prevent the possibility of gaining weight excessively and rapidly.

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