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Have you ever read pregnancy stories that made you cry?

Do you long to simulate what the pregnancy experience really holds?

Do you want to share your beautiful reflections on pregnancy with the whole world?

This section of our site provides you the benefit to read and share inspiring experiences of pregnancy.

 Stories are a great way to immortalize the wonders, beauty and reflections on Pregnancy - one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. 

We connect with moms from different parts of the world to share the joy, give hope to the challenged, and learn lessons from the pregnancy stories of one another.

Here is an excerpt from a story that one of our regular contributors shared recently:

“My 8-year-old son, Danny, is absolutely fascinated with the idea of having a little sister in the house soon. Every day, he rushes home from school and waits patiently with his hand on my tummy for the baby to kick. He insists that the baby knows when it’s his hand because Danny can feel the baby kicking every day.

One faithful day, Danny rushed back from school all excited because he had learned a new song that he wanted to sing to the baby. I had tears in my eyes as Danny solemnly stared at my protruding stomach, put his tiny hands on them and sang “You are My Sunshine” to the baby with all his heart.

I wish I had recorded that moment but we don’t mostly have a video recorder handy when things like this happen. …, I did the next best thing, I shared the story at every opportunity.”

Pregnancy stories are a great way to share the beauty, wonders and hope despite the burdens and challenges associated with pregnancy.

Like in the early days of pregnancy, there are many who won’t feel the marvel of bearing a child and rather keep whining about nausea and mood swings. Although these are very normal side effects of pregnancy, every would-be-mom needs to cope with the changes, and enjoy the best of the nine months journey.

Don’t let any challenge, symptom or complication weigh you down. At times of great concerns, you can get valuable "StoryTherapy", be inspired and motivated by reading the inspiring stories of other moms like you who overcame the burdens of trying to conceive and being pregnant, and have especially gone through similar experience.

Here are some beautiful pregnancy stories shared by Moms - they will inspire you!

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The experience of pregnancy actually affects the entire family. The would-be-dad is just as excited and anxious, without being able to blame his mood swings on hormonal changes! Likewise do stories of pregnancy touch our loved-ones and friends.

I was quite impressed by the courage, optimism and faith of an expecting mom, as she took time out to share her second pregnancy story characterized with pregnancy complication, even while she's still on the journey.

From ovulation through to labor and delivery, there’s a lot to share and learn. These pregnancy stories help you by giving:

• Knowledge of What to Expect
• Shared Experience on How to Cope
• Motivation and Courage
• Hope amidst Pregnancy Complications
• The Beauty, Power and Glory of Pregnancy, among others.

Regardless of your stake in pregnancy, this section provides you the benefit of sharing your experiences, while hanging around expecting moms through their journey.

Go to this page to read the collection of stories about pregnancy, in different categories, from women around the world.

You also have the opportunity to share any of your favorite and most memorable stories that can inspire, encourage and celebrate the pregnancy side of womanhood. Women worldwide will thank you for it! We encourage you to submit your favorite story for publication on our site.

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