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Awareness about possible pregnancy problems, how to prevent or manage a myriad of pregnancy health conditions, is a must for every woman who desires to have a successful pregnancy journey. No one wishes to get sick during pregnancy but the truth is that pregnancy is naturally characterized with surprises especially on the account of hormonal and physiological changes that every pregnant woman undergoes.

There are women who have pre-existing health problems before getting pregnant and how such medical problems will affect pregnancy, or vice versa, is always a concern. If you fall into this category, we would like you to know that you’re not alone. Even, many expecting moms with no previous medical problems have reportedly had stressful pregnancies.

Most women have one problem or the other during pregnancy. Sometimes a small problem can make pregnancy stressful and worrisome, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it and what to do about it. Understanding your health condition and having the big picture of its risk factors and implications for your pregnancy, how best to safely treat or manage it during and after your pregnancy is very essential.

This section of PregnancyMama offers verified information and guidance about common pregnancy symptoms, illnesses & infections, chronic conditions, emotional health and lifestyle issues that women possibly encounter with pregnancy.

You’ll find out the causes of each of the pregnancy health and lifestyle issues, when they are diagnosed, the risks and implications for you and your baby, with useful tips on appropriate “pregnancare”.

We’ll look at pregnancy problems from possible pregnancy symptoms across the 3 pregnancy trimesters;

First trimester pregnancy problems: The first trimester of pregnancy is marked by morning sickness (most marked in the morning; hence the name), including nausea and vomiting, dizziness associated with food aversion, mood swings and fatigue. However, as pregnancy continues, morning sickness gradually improves only to welcome some advanced problems.

Second trimester pregnancy problems: Common symptoms encountered during this trimester are:

  • Mild to moderate weight gain
  • Pregnancy related urinary complaints like urgent and frequent urination (you may feel that you spend most of your day in the restroom)
  • Backache (second trimester is just the beginning and it usually gets much worse with every passing day until childbirth)

Third trimester pregnancy problems: With each day, you’re getting closer to your delivery date but this final round is not outrightly easy. Notable pregnancy symptoms in third trimester are constipation (due to low metabolism), moderate to severe backache, heartburn, cramps, pregnancy bleeding and hemorrhoids.

Illnesses and Infections

In this section, we will look at both minor pregnancy health problems and illnesses such as anaemia during pregnancy, acne during pregnancy and its treatment, chicken pox, diarrhea, asthma, gestational hypertension, obesity, stretch marks, diabetes and pregnancy etc. You’ll also find useful information about topical emotional issues during pregnancy including depression, stress and their implications for a healthy pregnancy.

Although most maternal infections don’t affect the baby as placenta acts as barrier, allowing only nutrients to pass into fetal circulation, however, infections are dangerous to the overall health of both mom and her growing baby because:

  • Maternal infections may complicate the fetal development and may lead to pre-mature labor or delivery.
  • If the baby is allowed to pass through infected birth canal, chances are fair that the baby may also catch infection.

It's therefore important to treat pregnancy infections as soon as possible with appropriate medications (strictly on your healthcare provider’s prescriptions).

Lifestyle Issues with Health Implications during Pregnancy

In addition, you'll find useful information about quite a number of lifestyle issues that many women struggle with, in the course of pregnancy journey and their implications for the health of the expecting mom and her baby. We'll cover issues such as smoking while pregnant and how to quit, unwholesome eating habits, drugs in pregnancy, alcohol and its abuse during pregnancy, among others.

Tips of Advice on Preventing Pregnancy Problems

A healthy pregnancy is an uneventful pregnancy that starts from conception and ends at the uncomplicated delivery of the baby. All the pregnancy problems are mild and controllable if adequate medical and nutritional care is provided. Finally,

  • Maintain healthy and nutritious diet that has all essential nutrients to keep your resistance up.
  • Avoid habits that may interfere with the progression of pregnancy or health of the baby such as smoking, alcohol consumption or drug addiction.
  • Maintain a regular schedule for physical activity or exercise.
  • Keep up with all your antenatal checkups and follow the advice and prescriptions of your healthcare provider.
  • Prevention and awareness can help ensure a safe and healthy experience for you and your baby.

Table of Contents on Pregnancy Problems & Health Issues

Acne treatment

Alcohol and pregnancy



Back pain

Cervical cancer

Chicken pox

Cramps during pregnancy


Gestational diabetes


Diabetes diet plan

Drugs in pregnancy

Genital herpes

Genital warts




Herbs and pregnancy

High blood pressure

HPV and pregnancy

Hypertension in pregnancy


Losing weight while pregnant

Losing weight after pregnancy

Lupus pregnancy

Morning sickness

Menopause pregnancy


Pregnancy weight gain

Pregnancy rash

Pain during pregnancy

Period during pregnancy

Postpartum weight gain

Spotting during pregnancy

Stretch marks

Yeast infection

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