Pregnancy Poem for a Single Mom-to-be

by Lukasz Michalak
(Zgierz, Poland)


They said “It's a gift!” when I told them the news
“God bless you and the joy in your womb
You will be all right, do not worry, don't cry
You'll become a fine mom soon”

Though I heard them talking, nothing sank in
And silence filled whole of the room
They told their goodbyes and vanished from my eyes
While I pondered the oncoming doom

“Oh really, a blessing?” I ask myself
“Am I to do this alone?”
My child needs a dad, not a void in his stead
It turns out I'm all on my own”

At first it was hard to endure this state
Especially the light of no one beside
One time I was mad, the other time sad
Hoping hardship would subside

On many a night I cried in my bed
Feeling helpless, didn't know what to do
“If I'm a would-be-mom
why am I on my own? with no one with me
Why is my fate, oh so cruel?”

But then came a change
On one sunny day
Something I didn't expect
Though it didn't last long, just like word of a song
But it had an enormous effect

Before I could fathom what really happened
It had already been gone
My baby's kick, brief like a clock's tick
Changed my emotional tone

“It's my child” I cried
With a joy in my voice
And my heart pounding in my chest
“I'm not alone, I shouted as it dawn on me
It's my very flesh and soul inspiring me
Now and till I lay to rest, my baby assure
That though am on my own, never to feel am alone

Soon I’ll be a Mom and new duties will come
Though I perceive
I’ll barely have time for myself
No husband to aid me, nobody to turn to
I'll have to rely on my health
Keeping the inspiration from my kicking baby

To many pregnant Moms
Braxton Hicks is a problem
But to me an assurance from my baby
That though am on my own, “I am not alone”

For my child I'll be everything,
My baby will look up to me
As its hero and shero
Its guru and Mom
And I will be all right and will not worry, won't cry
Whatever obstacle of fate may come my way
That though am on my own
I am not alone in this pregnancy journey assured

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Jun 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

Wow thnx alot u really inspired me wt dt poem nw i knw m nt alone my baby is wt me

Sep 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Great description how pregnancy changes womans life.

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