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Pregnancy pillow is as old as the  history of pregnancy itself. I have no doubt the first pregnant woman in the world actually used pillow for her pregnancy.

Have you always slept on your stomach or back, had good night sleep and can't seem to get comfortable any other way?

But now a new life is growing inside you and your body is changing, you find it difficult to get a perfect sleeping or sitting position that makes you comfortable. You’re not alone! 

A good pillow for pregnancy can help support the different positions you find comfortable while alleviating the pregnancy aches, pains and discomfort you feel when you’re lying asleep or awake.

Special pillows for pregnancy help you relax and enjoy different pregnancy sleeping positions without having to wriggle and squirm.

You don’t have to lose sleep over pregnancy discomfort, sleeplessness, body aches and pains. You can be in control with the perfect pregnancy pillow!

Pregnancy Pillow

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pillows and pregnancy have come a long way. Pregnancy pillows are designed specifically to accommodate and comfortably support the natural contour and shape of your body; filling all the gaps and allowing you to get into a comfortable position despite the strains of body changes during pregnancy, while alleviating body pains, backaches and general discomfort.

Before you got pregnant, like many women, you’re used to the popular sleeping positions – on your stomach and on the back. Now that you’re pregnant these favorite sleeping positions are unfortunately not convenient for sleeping with the baby inside you.

Remember...You're now sleeping for two.

Sleeping on your stomach is like sleeping on top of your tiny growing baby while the back position makes your entire growing uterus and pregnancy weight to rest on your back, intestines and blood vessels; a situation that could lead to complications such as backaches, hemorrhoids, among others.

During pregnancy, it may also interest you to know that your activity mostly differ from that of your growing baby. When you're asleep, your growing baby may be actively awake to do its things, especially in the middle of the night for most babies. You have to sleep for two indeed, and ensure that you find a position that is convenient for both you and your baby.

So, curling up or sleeping on your right or left side with your knees slight bent is ideal for both you and your baby during pregnancy.

Here is the problem...

Many moms can't seem to be able to sleep in one position comfortably for a long time especially at nighttimes.  Luckily they’ve discovered the benefits of a pregnancy body pillow (one that supports your entire body easily and effectively) or a wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow which helps to support specific parts of your body, so that you can find side sleeping more comfortable and easy.

Pregnancy pillows are so useful in making a rather uncomfortable part of pregnancy life much easier. They can support you to get comfortable, have a good rest and proper relaxation, which are vital for the quality of sleep you enjoy, and your overall pregnancy well-being. 

Can’t I Use Ordinary Sleep Pillow for Pregnancy Support?

Although an ordinary pillow can do a good job in providing you support, and alleviating any pregnancy joint pains and discomforts you may suffer, you will need a combination of between 5 to 7 ordinary pillows to support different parts of your body. Of course, this isn't without some obvious inconvenience.

Whereas a single full body pillow for pregnancy will do the magic being specifically designed to accommodate the pregnancy shapes you put on as your baby grows.

It offers you the benefit of finding different sleeping postures that's perfect for you. Even when you find your perfect position, your pregnancy pillow will help support you to be comfortable in such sleeping position.

Good Pillow for Pregnancy

When should I start using a pregnancy pillow?

From pregnancy week 15, it’s generally advised you should start learning to sleep on your side so that you get used to it early enough before getting bigger. It may not be easy at first especially if you’re not the pillow-sleeping type of person but you eventually get used to it.

In my own case, I started using pregnancy sleep pillow in my week 20. But some moms get far into pregnancy, when the belly is fully bulged and the discomfort and pains of the heavy weight they carry could no longer be ignored before going for a pregnancy pillow.

Here is what a mom had to say about using her favourite pregnancy body pillow.

“The snoogle pillow is my take! It supports your back for side sleeping and then it curls around for support between your legs. It saved my life the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy! Luckily we had a king size bed, because it occupies a lot of space.  My husband nicknamed it my “boyfriend.” It was a bit pricey but so worth it... I used it every night for 3 months and it surely made me comfortable”.

And the testimonials of many other moms are not different. 

Factors to consider in choosing the best pregnancy pillow that will perfectly fit your needs?

Thinking it’s time you invest in a pillow and wondering which pregnancy support pillow is the best? The following factors and tips are important to help you make the right buying decision and get good value for your money.

- First you must identify why you precisely need a pregnancy pillow. Where do you feel most discomfort – head and neck, back, belly, hips, shoulders, knees or legs? Your answer to this important question will give clue to the type of pillow that will perfectly satisfy your need.

- Then, you determine the type or shape of pregnancy support pillow best suited for your specific need. This can best be done by looking at the primary design features of the pillow. There are pillows that work best for back support, some for total body support, and some effectively support your belly, and so on.

- Pregnancy sleep pillows come in various sizes, designs, cover and filling materials. It’s important you check on the size, weight, shape, and material quality of the pillow. Obviously, if you have a small-sized bed shared with your spouse, some types of pillow is no-have for you.

If you’re the moving person, a portable and small-sized pillow or pregnancy wedge may be ideal for you. If you are choosy about cover material – polyester or cotton, any of these can determine which pregnancy pillow is best for you.

In the same vein, the filing ideally should be made with anti-allergic material and covered in natural fabrics (not synthetics) so as not to irritate sensitive skins. Common pillow materials include cotton, polyester, wool, and foam.

Any product you've to use during pregnancy must be hygienic and safe. Considerations such as washability of the pillow especially its slipcover when dirty, your material allergy, among other things, are critical factors in buying a pillow for pregnancy.

If you’re allergic or have sensitive breathing complications, ensure you go for pillows made of hypoallergenic materials to guard against breathing complications. 

- Your budget for pregnancy support pillow determines the kind of pillow you’ll get. Some pillows are cheap while a number of them are pricey. The retail cost of pregnancy sleep pillow ranges from $20 to over $100, while a pregnancy wedge can go for as low as $10. Honestly, most pillows of high quality are now being sold between $40 and $100.

- Lastly, it helps to read customer reviews by other moms who have previously bought and used the pillow you want to buy. Their opinions will most likely be honest. In the final analysis, what matters is to get the pillow whose features perfectly fit your need and budget. Here is the best pregnancy pillow, with the highest number of positive reviews on Amazon.

Different shapes and types of pillow for pregnancy

Ordinary pillows are rectangular or square in shape, limiting their use to around the head and neck but pregnancy pillow is essentially designed to support different parts of the body simultaneously, except for the smaller-sized option referred to as pregnancy wedge.

Here are the common types of pillow for pregnancy:

(1)   A Pregnancy Wedge pillow - This can be placed in any part of your body where you need support, usually under the protruding belly when you side sleep, in between your legs, on your back or anywhere else you need support to get a comfortable position. 

This is the most portable and smallest-sized of all pillows for pregnancy.

If you don’t want too much “stuff” around you when sleeping, a pregnancy wedge pillow is for you and much more – you can travel with it unlike the bulky total body pillows. A typical example and most popular brand is “My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge”.

(2) The Bean-shaped Pregnancy Pillow – This is a cuddle body pillow in a bean shape for providing support to the belly and legs. It’s a little bigger than the wedge, and perfect for supporting the stomach, hips, back or knees according to your requirements.

Bean-shaped pillow doesn't generally take up too much space in the bed. The first pregnant woman photo on this page is a perfect example of bean-shaped pillow.

Full Length Pregnancy Pillows (Total Body Pillows)

(3) J, G, E or C-Shaped Pillow – This type of pillow design is extremely good for supporting your entire body. It comes in a length of at least 5 feet – the recommended size for total body pillow. Its topmost end gives you headrest, while it wrap around your back to support your spine from the aching weight of the bulging belly, while the tail end of it can come in between your legs. 

(4) The U-Shape Pillow. This pillow can be a straight long or loop pillow, foldable into a U-shape. Or you can buy one that comes U-shaped.  It gives a comfortable balance if you’re the type that sleeps on your back. You will find this type of pillow comfortable but it does have a downside. It can be too bulky for two people in a bed.

(5) Special Pregnancy Pillows - There are other shapes in pillow designs that are combinations of these basic types or shapes of pregnancy pillow, including those with shape flexibility that you can form into your own shape.

(6) Maternity Pregnancy Pillow - There is a hybrid or special pregnancy pillow which combines the features of a pillow for pregnancy with baby nursing support in mind. The good thing about such a multi-purpose maternity pillow is that you can simply throw it on the floor, lie on it, breastfeed and be comfortable with your baby post-pregnancy. Who wouldn't wish for that?

In conclusion...

Anything that can help support and make you more comfortable during pregnancy really makes sense.  From my personal experience through the five pregnancies I have had, pregnancy support pillow is a good accessory you shouldn't miss to experience.

It would provide you with support to reduce stress from your bulging belly, neck, back, and hips even while sleeping or relaxing in different positions.

You don't have to lose sleep over pregnancy discomfort, sleeplessness and the pains. Support yourself with a Pregnancy pillow today, and be comfy!

If you’re a loved one or friend of anyone expecting a baby, pregnancy sleep pillow also makes for a unique pregnancy gift that any expecting mom or dad will cherish. It ticks all the boxes.

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