Is Pregnancy Month by Month the Best Way to Track Pregnancy? Let's Find out.



Pregnancy month by month journey is an amazing and exciting experience. Learning about what happen inside the womb and the changes to expect during the nine months is crucial for a successful journey.

Our pregnancy month by month section provides in-depth information about fetal development, the myriad changes mom-to-be will undergo and likely symptoms during each of the nine months of pregnancy.

PregnancyMama gives you practical tips on how to cope with the overwhelming changes and demands of baby’s growth throughout the estimated nine months of pregnancy.

In the same vein, you’ll find quite a number of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy including what to expect at prenatal appointments; possible tests and examinations you may be required to take in the course of pregnancy month by month.

The table of content down the page will help you link to each of the nine months of pregnancy for comprehensive outlook. Let’s walk through a summary of what happen in pregnancy month by month.

Watch the entire 9 Months Fetal Gestation from Conception to Childbirth Maturity in about 4.5 Minutes Video Below:

1 Month Pregnant

The pregnancy journey begins from here. The baby’s development starts from the moment of conception, when the egg released in pregnancy week 1 meets with sperm. Measuring less than 1 mm, the zygote starts its division, and grows to about the size of a grain of rice by the end of month one.

Although the body doesn’t look pregnant yet, most pregnant women feel emotionally drained, tired and very moody while experiencing morning sickness.

Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help in coping with these symptoms and ensuring a normal development of pregnancy month by month.

2 Months Pregnant

Pregnancy Month 2 marks the development of the baby’s first organs – brain, spinal cord, heart and digestive tract, the growing embryo being now the size of a corn-nut.

The journey of pregnancy month by month affects not only the baby but also the mom’s body. Missed period is past gone and the experiences of mild abdominal cramps and vomiting early in the morning set in.

This is usually the time of feeling definitely pregnant in the course of pregnancy month by month journey, even though the belly is not showing it yet.

3 Months Pregnant

The embryo measures around 4 inches long in pregnancy month 3. The baby’s eyes, finger buds and ears begin to form; the respiratory tract and genital organs likewise start developing by the end of this month.

Sickness and tiredness are quite rampant, swollen and tender breasts and lower sex drive are part of the common symptoms in pregnancy month 3.

It’s worthy of note that most miscarriages occur in pregnancy month 3 and we will pin-point some of the possible causes of miscarriage in month 3.

4 Months Pregnant

The journey of pregnancy month by month continues with big changes in the growing baby. The baby now has eyelids and well developed limbs; its body is covered with tiny hairs called lanugo and starts moving and kicking inside the womb.

The mom’s belly looks larger and may experience sickness and fatigue from time to time, while her overall mental and physical state improves. The breasts start getting bigger and sexual desire gets back to normal in pregnancy month 4.

5 Months Pregnant

The baby’s growth during pregnancy, month by month, continues with the strengthening of its bones and muscles, the development of its reflexes and the maturation of its hearing system.

Swollen and fuller face, back pain, skin pigmentation and itching, formation oflinea nigra (dark line) down the center of the lower abdomen, circulatory problems are some of the peculiar symptoms of pregnancy month 5.

6 Months Pregnant

A waxy layer called vernix covers the baby’s body this month and its immune system starts to mature, producing antibodies. By the end of week 24, the fetus weights almost 2 pounds and measures between 11-14 inches long.

Would-be-mom experience swollen feet that could sometimes be accompanied with pain, and keeping your feet up while sitting, massaging them and wearing loose shoes and compression stockings is believed to alleviate this condition and useful for increasing comfort.

For those who have food cravings, it’s advised you choose food products that provide enough nutrients without causing digestive upset.

Watching weight during pregnancy, month by month, not only prevents unhealthy weight gain but also keeps ailments like gestational diabetes away.

7 Months Pregnant

By pregnancy month 7, the baby’s taste buds are already formed and can taste the amniotic fluid. The baby can now grasp things with his tiny hands.

Its lungs continue to develop and by the end of week 28 the baby turns to the head-down position, getting prepared for birth.

Most women experienced colostrum (yellowish fluid) secretion in the breasts’ nipples from this month.

The increasing weight of the upper body, as a result of pregnancy, causes lots of pressure on the legs. This condition could make any expecting mom feel tired, heavy and irritable.

Discussing what you feel with your partner and beginning childbirth preparation classes may help reduce anxiety and control mood swings at this time.

8 Months Pregnant

In pregnancy month 8, the baby’s body is now fully developed and its senses are acute enough to hear sounds and voices. The baby eyes open and close and can even react to light shining through the belly.

Breathing and bowel movements occur and the baby looks quite plump, weighting around 6 - 8 pounds.

It’s not only the baby that changes during pregnancy, month by month. The would-be-mom is at the center of the changes.

The pregnant mom urinates more frequently. Headaches, heartburns and shortness of breath are possible symptoms that constitute lots of stress in 8th month of pregnancy.

So, taking enough rest and relaxing baths, wearing loose clothes, playing games and doing exercise or whatever helps remain calm and positive are essential in coping with pregnancy stress.

9 Months Pregnant

As the pregnancy journey ends in this last month, the baby slows in growth but continues to pack pounds and store fats to protect its muscles and bones. The fully developed baby measures about 20 inches long, weighing between 6 to 9 pounds, by the end of pregnancy month 9.

As for the would-be-mom, we should expect the belly to change its shape as the baby changes position in preparation for birth. Breathing problems disappear but frequent urination, tiredness and fatigue persist.

The early part of pregnancy month 9 is the time to prepare the baby’s nursery, make arrangements for hospital stay and ensure everything is packed for the big event, as the pregnancy’s month by month journey ends.

The best place for any baby to grow is inside the womb or uterus. So learning to understand what happen inside the womb is not only the best way to intimate yourself with baby’s growth pattern, but also get prepared for each of the stages of pregnancy month by month if you're expecting or trying to conceive.

For a detailed outlook of any month of the pregnancy month by month journey, jump to our table of content below and choose from pregnancy month 1 to 9.

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9 Months Pregnant – Finally in the last leg of your Pregnancy Marathon
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