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This pregnancy ebooks section examines the emerging trend of ebooks and its implications for us today. We also highlight the best of ebooks on pregnancy and showcase a collection of various resourceful topical ebooks, fiction and non-fiction, that you’ll find informative, helpful and interesting.

The term eBook refers to a book delivered in electronic formats and accessible via electronic channels such as desktop computer or laptop, PDA, Tablet, Smartphone or any other kind of reading device with a screen.

We cannot overemphasize the educational and health benefits that reading provides to women, especially books about trying to conceive, being pregnant, childbirth and parenting.

Books are the best medium of sharing about pregnancy and childbirth; providing the answers to questions on any aspect of pregnancy, giving advice that will help anyone decide what to do, how to cope with any concerns or peculiar pregnancy issues, and how to enjoy the best of healthy pregnancy experience.

Again, reading pregnancy books offers you so many benefits that include:

  • Increased mental strength, health and well-being
  • Improved pregnancy mood swings
  • Relief from common everyday pregnancy stress and anxiety
  • Brain stimulation in a way that alleviates pregnancy symptoms such as forgetfulness
  • Helps overcome fatigue or boredom
  • Helps maintain a sleeping pattern and overcome sleeplessness especially reading at bedtime

Looking at the above list of benefits, it’s clearly obvious that reading books during pregnancy helps to alleviate a number of common pregnancy symptoms such as mood swings, tiredness or boredom, stress, anxiety, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, among others.

Nowadays, eBooks are commonplace and electronic media readers, like kindle, become increasingly popular as many prefer to read eBooks than traditional paperbooks.

This trend has culminated into a situation where virtually all pregnancy titles are now available as pregnancy eBooks.

Advantages and Benefits of Pregnancy eBooks

  • Many more pregnancy topics are now available as eBook titles, including specialized topics that are not covered in paperbooks.
  •  Lower pricing of ebooks makes it a preference for buyers.
  •  Instant delivery upon purchase gives the benefit of less buyer’s remorse. You satisfy your need almost immediately after purchase. No bookstore logistics is required and you get just-in-time information download with reading gratification on the spot.
  •  You can buy eBooks, store it easily and share it with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and loved ones. As many people as possible can read from a copy of eBook at the same time.
  •  Pregnancy ebooks are portable. You can have a full library of hundreds or thousands of eBooks on your device or eReader and take it with you everywhere you go without stress.
  •  'Transformability' of eBooks: Even though eBooks are delivered in electronic format, many of them are printable and you will enjoy the benefits of a paperbook from your eBook when printed.
  •  Ease of up-to-date edition. Less time is required to produce and distribute newer edition of any eBook, thus providing readers current, revised or upgraded book edition.
  •  Most importantly, eBooks offer the benefit of including rich and interactive content such as audio, video and dynamic other elements for readers.

In addition, eBooks also commonly satisfy some accessibility requirements of persons with disability, a feature seldom found in most published paperbooks.

Since pregnancy eBooks have helped to promote reading among many pregnant moms, considering the fact that people daily spend more time on screens such computers or laptop, PDA, Tablet, Pad, Smartphone and have less time to read printed books.

It makes sense to put your books where your eyes are always busy.

Tips of Advice

When buying a pregnancy ebook, make sure it’s written by a professional or experienced author to avoid rip-off from many quacks who take advantage of the ease of publishing ebook.

Check out the author’s brief, it may be helpful for you as well to read customer reviews or users’ testimonials on any pregnancy book you want to buy.

In addition, don’t be carried away with the number of pages any book contains. What matters most is usefulness and relevance of the information or expertise shared in it.

If you find it harder to read books on screen and you prefer to read paperbooks instead,

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