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Common, yet so great

Pregnancy is wonderful

Fountain of full joy

From childhood, I have had a strong passion for the wonderful experience of pregnancy. In February 2012, I was able to give expression to my childhood passion by creating this pregnancy information website, which provides useful pregnancy knowledge; covering what to expect from ovulation, baby development, through to labor and delivery, even postpartum.

Till date, has been serving hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 110 countries around the world – sharing the pregnancy side of womanhood.

The PregnancyMama Trouble

For the past 4 years, has been solely sponsored from my personal income, in passionate quest to provide useful knowledge-sharing and information platform for expecting moms and dads around the world.

Now, has grown to a level that requires much more than personal sponsorship finance. Since the past year, financing the running costs of has become a daunting task. The site has gone offline thrice in one year, due to my inability to foot the bill of the website maintenance .

In addition, all our paid content contributors have down-tooled due to inability to get paid for their services – leaving a huge gap in satisfying the needs of our site users and visitors.

What Attempt Have I Made?

In a bid to create a product that will generate income and help sustain the website; I introduced income generating ads on the site but to no avail. I also developed the World’s Largest Pregnancy Poems Collection – a book yet unpublished due to paucity of fund as well.

Now, is at the risk of going offline again, with over 4 years of work on threatened to go down the drain.

If I lose, it's like truly having a miscarriage. Hence the need for your help.

How You Can Help

Your donation will help sustain my vision of sharing the pregnancy side of womanhood, to keep running, and be able to upgrade the website for more effective knowledge-sharing service, and also deliver improved user-experience to expecting moms and dads worldwide.

Although I’ve invested a lot of personal and other people's time and money into this pregnancy project since 2012, your DONATION will help me to meet the under-listed critical needs: Needs:

  • Domain & Website Hosting (Urgent)
  • Pregnancy-Mama Contents Development
  • Web Applications Development such as Pregnancy Calculators and Calendars; covering ovulation, due date, and fertility, among other pregnancy support tools.
  • Revitalize PregnancyMama Social Engagement Channels
  • Pregnancy Greeting/Messaging Product Development
  • Complete "Pregnancy Poems Collection" Book Project
  • Domain Acquisition

Other Ways You Can Help

You can kindly and financially contribute to HELP PregnancyMama out of this trouble. Please consider sharing my fundraising campaign with those in your friend, work, and family circles.

Everyone of us is a product of pregnancy – the wonderful glory of womanhood. We should all get involved in supporting any pregnancy cause.

Use the social sharing buttons down this page and you’ll help me a great deal to reach many more potential donors and PregnancyMama helpers like you.

PregnancyMama -  THANK YOU GIFT

Thank you for your anticipated donation to keep PregnancyMama online. 

In appreciation to every donor, you’ll receive a copy of Pregnancy Poems Collection eBook – containing over 150 Inspirational, Heartwarming and Motivational Poems about Pregnancy.

The book, in beta version, contains general pregnancy poems, inspirational poems about ovulation and getting pregnant, especially for women trying to conceive. Beautiful pregnancy announcement poems, pregnancy development poems, baby poems for mom and dad expecting a baby girl or boy, poems to inspire pregnant women, and poems about being pregnant, written by moms during their pregnancies.

You’ll also get new pregnancy poems, first-time mom and dad poems, teenage pregnancy poems, motivational pregnancy poems for single pregnant women, poems about multiple pregnancies, therapeutic poems to overcome grief, emotional difficulties and pregnancy complications, labor and delivery poems, and birth announcement poems.

In addition, this collection provides you with baby and parenting poems for new mom and dad, funny pregnancy poems that will make anyone laugh, and motivational pregnancy poems that give hope, comfort, encouragement and support.

It includes occasional poems for expecting mom and dad appropriate for Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Baby Showers, Valentine’s day, Easter Season, Christmas Day, New Year, Eid al-Mawlid, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Wedding Anniversaries and Birthdays.

Pregnancy inspires

Stories, poetry and fairytales

It is a true art

Click here to Donate Now, and HELP PregnancyMama to Stay Online, and Continue in Sharing the Pregnancy Side of Womanhood.

I thank you  for your kind donation and support. The expecting Moms and Dads using will also THANK YOU!

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