Poem To An Expecting Dad - A New Dad In Town

by Judelyn Belinda Gomes
(Pondhicherry, India)

This pregnancy poem to an expecting dad reflects on pregnancy, the cares, obligations and role of an expecting dad in the process.


Hey man congrats, time and again,
Now you will soon be a daddy,
What a change of status, await you oh Man
As you move on to a phase, that can’t be forgotten.

Watch your wife as she goes through this path,
As it is a path of trails and love,
Be a guide to both mother and baby,
For they will always look to you, like a little baby.

Never lose heart when the path is ruf,
For whatever you do should show that you are tuf,
Be a friend to mother and your growing baby,
Cause they’ll expect love from you all the way.

Show them you care, every second of the journey,
For they may be scared, you should always care
Handle them all the way, like your little doves,
For they are really precious as turtle doves.

You may feel ravished as days pass by,
But never give way for any defeat, as time passes by,
Teach your child in the way it should grow,
Caring and loving da baby as it grows.

Keep mother and child under your wings,
As you protect their wings as tender,
Help your wife in this path of life,
As she needs you most at this time of life.

Love her as you did when you first started,
Even now she’s heavy, playing a wife and mother together,
Let her be more ravaged with your love,
Never ever let her feel like she is another.

Be by her side while she goes through the rigors,
For you are about to gain, a new life together
Gain a new life that is both yours,
And always be for baby and mother alike.

Pray and guide them in this path of life,
For they can’t go on without your loving care,
Spend your time with baby, even this time
For as baby grow, baby may not have time

Keep baby safe all through the path,
For time and tide change in life’s path,
I wish you luck and success as you journey,
Into a new phase of life that is an adventure

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