Poem to a Pregnant Wife

by Stella Rastovac

This is a pregnancy poem to a pregnant wife from her baby would-be dad, expressing his deep love for his wife and his joyful reflections about their expected baby boy in this pregnancy poem.

It's noon, and you, my beloved
Sleeping, dreaming
Your hair scattered on the pillow
And your warm breath fills the air
Yours eyelids quiver and I know
You are no longer here

You're dreaming; but in yours dreams
There are no longer room just for me
You are smiling...And I smile to you
I know why you are dreaming

Beside you on the bed lies a small picture
Today is the first time we saw the flicker of his heart
Now you are his shelter
And stroking his heartbeat by hand

Sweetie...yours growing belly is magnificent
Something we've waited for so long
Since we started the greatest adventure of our love
And now our wishes turned into reality

I don't wanna miss not even one moment
Of our miracle in your belly
I want to be with you and hold your hand
At every step of the way as you will have to tread

I want to be your strength and support
Your promise for a peaceful future
Because with this, another brilliant day lies ahead
Nothing could be brighter than our bud that grows in you

You're dreaming, and yet you feel that he’s here
And I feel it too, in your every movement
That became so soft
I know it, with the eternally dreamy expression on your face

I was enchanted from the first day
And spell grows with every heartbeat of our baby
You are dreaming our child
Even when you are awake

Dream on, my pregnant wife
For this dream we wished together
You're safe, dream and be merry
'Cause I'm here for you my love

And forget not, with our coming baby
Our love won't become shared
But our baby is coming, our love not to share
Our love with his joy multiply

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