Poem on Parenting Responsibility for a Pregnant Woman

by Łukasz Michalak
(Zgierz, Poland)


There are many tasks
There are many roles
Each of variable importance
But there is only one
That exerts on this world
Such magnitude of influence

You'll soon be a mom, you'll bear a child
A blood and flesh of your own
You'll have to work hard, give it your all
to ensure its proper grow

When a child is born, its spirit is pure
but it lacks a proper form
As a potter who molds clay with his hands
you shape your baby's soul

A skillful artisan can carve rigid stone
Using a proper tool
And create something beautiful, refined, inspired
Mundane rock becomes a jewel

In a sense as a mother
You're also a jeweller
Like a rough gem
Is the heart of your child
With maternal passion and enduring love
you'll create something one of a kind

At the beginning we all are clean slates
Our stories are yet to be scribed
For your child's poem
You have to be a muse
An inspirational guide

During its life your child will, no doubt
Be tutored by many
“How to live”
“How to be successful”
“How to earn the first penny”

But some things can be learned only from parents
The most crucial teachers of all
Integrity, benevolence, justice and such virtues
Such qualities are attained at home

Now that you know
How significant it is, to mom a child
Believe in yourself,
Take charge and you'll succeed

Becoming the true potter of a mom
In whom your child will take pride
Sweet Mama Potter, you're a beacon of hope
Take charge and mould the world!

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Oct 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Parenting is a hard work but it also gives a lot of wonderful feelings.

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