Poem of Hope in Pregnancy Difficulties

by Łukasz Michalak
(Zgierz, Poland)


So you've been blessed with one of greatest things
this world has to offer
You'll bring onto this world a unique entity
Beautiful Son or Daughter

Baby within you is like a raw dough
resting in your belly's stove
For it to attain its ultimate form
It has to be heated with love

You know by now it's not that easy
Path to childbirth is winding
There are numerous problems
That greet you along this journey

Your mood changes fast, you get fatigued
Back aches you bit
Sometimes your body endures so much stress
That you feel very sick

Surely you've heard many bad things
Unsettling stories you've read
It made you anxious and in your heart
Was planted a seeming seed of dread

Don't let it sprout, believe in yourself
All hardship will soon be gone
Family and friends will lend their helping hands
You're not doing this alone

Everyone of us has a burden to carry
Some things are attained with toil
But when we earn something with hard work and sweat
We tend to appreciate it more

If something goes wrong along the way
Do not lose your faith
The doctors will be there
To help and bring you to health
Be sure, your baby will be safe

So sweet pregnant mama, don't be afraid!
Embrace the state you're in!
Whenever it's tough and you're feeling pain
Demonstrate strength and the will of womanhood

Don't worry, your baby will be born soon
Pregnancy isn't that long with hope your girdle
Your child will be healthy and
For you its voice will be like most pleasant song

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