Inspiring Poem From A Mother To Her
Pregnant Daughter

By: Judelyn Belinda Gomes, Pondhicherry, India



This poem is from a mother to her pregnant daughter; inspiring her expecting daughter about her pregnancy journey and expressing her best wishes to her in this pregnancy poem titled: Circle of Life.

I jumped for joy when I heard the news,

That my dear daughter was a person all new,

It reminds me of my pregnant days,

An unforgettable experience fresh in my mind.

Oh! My dear daughter girl,

You are now going to be a mother,

Words are all hindered as I look at you,

For I see in you, a semblance of myself.

As I look at you I feel all anew,

For you stand as a fountain of life,

To my dear little grand baby inside of you,

Who sees inside your womb, our world unending.

You are now half a mother,

Entering into a new phase of life

As your new role is another

Be a friend to your dear little baby

Don’t let stress and fear engulf you,

As you wade through the pregnancy waters,

For life stays at its peak during these days,

As your baby grow, changing you from day to day.


You may feel sick at times,

This can be replaced with the beautiful insights,

Be a potter to the one inside,

As she respond to your molding care.


Try to dream of a future bright,

For life at this point may make you feel a little light,

You may feel washed out and weak at times,

As days come to deliver

Never lose your strength in the darkest hour,

Cause that is bound to happen to you during these hours,

Always think of how I brought you up,

So never ever give up, to the ranging rigors


Cherish every moment

That you spend with your baby,

For these days are too precious, for you and your husband,

As you both look forward to parent the baby.

Let the touch of his hands always speak to you,

Let him realize you always need him,

As he smiles so gentle, standing and sleeping by your side,

Though he pretends, know that he is as nervous as you.


Hold your faith and keep alive,

While baby takes time to come out alive,

I pray every second with tears of hope,

Asking God, to keep you safe and sound till the end.

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