Poem for expecting Daddy from a Pregnant mom

by Anonymous

Here is a poem for an expectant father, from the mama who is carrying their first child's pregnancy. A gift to the spouse and would-be-daddy, expressed with love and affection, with continued faith and trust in each other during this pregnancy journey and beyond.

Dear man, shareholder of my life,
Dear husband, precious friend,
We’re going to have a baby soon!
And our roles shall be transformed.

No longer only lover,
But mother shall I be.
And you a doting father,
And two will now be three.

I love that you are with me
And that we’re not too far apart
As we grow our child together
In the space beneath my heart.

Sometimes I’m feeling poorly,
Pensive or even sad.
I know we’re losing something -
A special time we had.

But what we gain, I’m certain
Will fill and overflow
A place already brimming -
The place our love can grow.

And quietly in my belly,
The child awaits a cue,
As do the father and the mother
Whom we’ll be birthing too.

I loved you when I met you,
I love you more each day.
I love you on this journey,
Each step along the way.

Soon we will hold our newborn,
And exponentially grow,
Our growing love will blossom -
We’ll be a family.

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