Inspirational Poem About pregnancy



This is an inspirational poem about pregnancy from a pregnant woman’s experience through the pregnancy journey and finally welcomed the arrival of her long awaited baby.

Day after day, hour after hour

I was waiting for perfection to come

Then one day I felt promise and hope

That my dream might came true

Oh, I have never been ready to become a mother like then!

The day was filled with love and affection

And though my lips were pressed together

My heart whispered a prayer- for my little perfection

My thoughts were gently struggling with hope

Will I be one of the blessed moms…?

Indeed, soon I found out

That the greatest miracle happened

Miracle that moves the world

And transform my plane body into a divine temple

With each passing day, more and more I changed

And my silence was filled with blissful expectation

Even my heart was growing and preparing

For memories that will never fade!

There is nothing too difficult or impossible

Now that I knew that miracle happened

Increasingly I felt every movement my baby did

Sometimes like a rustle of butterfly wings in a powerful dance

Day after day, hour after hour

My baby was getting stronger, awaiting his exodus into the promise land

So when I felt the pain of contractions

I thought of gentle laugh I'll hear one day

A tiny voice calling me with joy

That gave me strength to breathe deeply and push

While the rhythm of pain was leading me

To the end of a serene period

I only wished for the moment

When my baby will lie on my chest wrapped in a warm towel

The moment came; innocent eyes were looking at me

As I embraced my child, my king

And I felt peace perfect, beyond words can describe

With love divine, we connect

Now I have my little perfection to behold, as he continues to grow

With every breath and every blink of an eye

Day after day, hour after hour

I behold him and reminisce the wonder about pregnancy

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