Poem About Pregnancy Week By Week - Life In the Womb

by Judelyn Belinda Gomes
(Pondhicherry, India)

Poem About pregnancy Week by Week reflects the pregnancy journey from conception through to the stages of baby's development week by week.

The doctor gave me the happy news,
Flashing news that I was to be a mother
For I had to run a race of forty two weeks,
That made me feel special, when I felt weak.

The first week the baby was shape like an egg,
That made my life pleasant as a hen that laid an egg,
I then entered my second week for yet it was not a baby,
But still I could feel its living beat.

I finally conceived in the third week,
While the egg did grow to be a ball of the living,
Tiny little baby prevailed into the fourth week,
With all developing nerves and chords that were fragile and weak.

In the fifth week the little heart did beat,
All along with my own heartbeat,
The sixth week brought more of my baby’s heartbeat,
This was said to be even higher than mine.

As I entered the seventh week, I felt the morning sickness,
But my little one grew so fast, for she had no sickness of any kind
In the eight week the little egg metamorphose
From an egg to embryo which was immense satisfaction

Baby began to build her muscles and arms,
For the ninth week gave me a reminding alarm,
Movement did start in the tenth week,
As I move nauseated, sometimes feeble and weak.

I felt every move my baby made,
God did form my baby, as it was wonderfully made,
Without any tutor my baby learn, to move and suck
As it matures in pregnancy week twelve.

Weeks did pass and pass on,
I felt my baby’s weight as it became so strong,
Reminding am getting closer by and by
Moving to labor pain, this took me away from the real world.

My Baby came out with a cry,
As I took a deep breath with tears of joy,
The journey in the womb was over now,
For a new journey did begin from the time baby was born.

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