Inspirational Poem About Pregnancy – HER GRAVITY, by Ian Drew Forsyth



HER GRAVITY | This poem witnesses the process of pregnancy through the emotional sphere of image and metaphor.  She is one becoming two. This process, as old as ever, puts a woman into a state of amazement to the mysterious rhythms which both her, and her newborn go through naturally and emotionally.

Her pelvis the holder

Her womb the bowl

Her life juices—the soup

flowing through the umbilical cords

Her pelvis is the bowl

Her womb, the soup:

Drink up little cherub!


She walks with the gentlest steps

For she weighs the gravity of life

Between the scales of light and dark:

She's a glowing galaxy


The little bird that curls up inside her

And holds tight on the cord:

Will be with her

As they fly through night roads

Peeling back the blueprints of the stars:

The skin and nerve

Stomach and lung

Muscle and bone


For weeks her body chants unbound secret songs.


Her and her baby are reeds sunk in the river mud

as it splashes and curves around them

whom fastened to the flow: expand closer and closer

inside themselves: as fingers appear

and eyes, the mouth and ears:

the better to hear their beating hearts

as their inner eyes peer between themselves:

they'll never leave their sight


And, when she dilates

When the contractions come but ten minutes apart

With all labored joy and pain

She’ll bring him to the breathing color-filled world!


Placing the baby's gorgeous skin on hers:

They’ll only cease their weeping when they gaze

a thousand endless seconds  at what they've become.

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