Inspirational Poem About Pregnancy -
A GLORIOUS OUTLOOK  by Brendan Fardy.



This inspiring pregnancy poem A GLORIOUS OUTLOOK offers a brief glimpse into the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes which expecting moms are subjected to, but also touches on all the positive aspects that come along with the process.  In addition, it describes the gift of life which the mother gives to the child and which the child eventually returns to the mother with the joy of the child’s presence alone.

From the very first kick,

Comes a glance that comes quick,

To the belly down below;

Distending like a stretched bow.

But the arrow in this case

Is unfurled from the base

Of the tree of life 

Whose roots deter strife.


While nourishing development 

With a kind love, signed, sealed and delivered.

For the mother is the lover 

Who shields with her cover.


And her envelope of love

Swells like a blown-up glove 

Until the child is born

Leaving time and space torn


 The child's life started nine months before

As conception stepped in and threw open the door

Pulling time like a rope or a thin string of twine,

As the child is born, press pause, then rewind.


For the child's life to start 

A pregnant mom goes through many changes

Like erratic food choices, filling up the cart.

Like food cravings reaching very vast ranges.


Although the rigors may get wild,

Mothers put up with adversity, for love sake.

And if twins are in store then love is double

There's twice as much gift for the arduous trouble.



This journey that begins, at onset of conception

Is a very long road immersed in reflection

Like the pages of a book,

Whose story is told.


At the end of the journey,

Mom may wish for a gurney

But the truth it redeems, lingers postpartum

This truth of the life pays off in endless worth.


If you take a thorough look back

Along this life's beautiful track

You’ll see a glorious outlook 

From conception till the baby grows old.

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