Partners of God - Poem About Pregnancy Highlights the Role of Women in Procreation with the Creator of the Universe by Ayanfe Kayode Somoye



Slower than the sun rising and setting

Pregnancy grows in slow motion

All are time-bound!

Conception takes place in secret

Making women seem like a guild

At the prenatal, antenatal or post natal workshops 

The pregnants still look like a defiant cult

Their states coveted by envious expectant moms.

Riding through the tracks of memory 

At young age tickling my fancy; 

Hawking all sorts 

Used to delight in counting 

The number of pregnant women I see per day.

Occasionally, I see power-packed rotund bellies

Drooping incubators as against chesty bosomy ones

Used to envision multiple births on the way!

Crossing the highway motorists honor 

The pregnant with right of passage

Mommies are worthy Ambassadors of Heaven 

To insure, assure and ensure

Continuity of generations; 

Partakers in God’s projects

Truly, it is a rare privilege partnering with God.


What a glorious sight at the hospital site!

Wards carrying bags assisting

Post-partum mothers in the wards

Behold, the precious fruits 

Of divine and physical love-making

Adorned in brand new haberdasheries 

Head to toes to be immunized

By cloaked, bespectacled and stethoscoped consultants

Flanked on all sides by nurses 

Attending to nursing mothers.


Despair not! Your days are coming to be counted 

Among the brand new nursing mothers

 Of the Lord’s Heritage.

All are time bound!


In the phases of life

Every woman will have to conceive as she was conceived

Become and renamed a pregnant woman

Go through the vagaries and trauma of delivery

Before earning the crown of a nursing mother.

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