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Ovulation test kit is an essential tool that every woman must understand how it works and learn to choose the best type to use in the course of personal fertility awareness. Whether you’re trying to conceive or simply want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it all revolves around ovulation like you may be aware.

PregnancyMama here examines the principles of physiology and ovulation, presenting you a clear and thorough understanding of the concept of predicting ovulation using the best ovulation test kit.

What is Ovulation?

In a simple recap, ovulation is the process that culminates into the release of an egg from the mature follicle in any of the woman’s ovaries. The released egg is then received into the uterine tubes; usually occurring on the 14th day into a woman’s ovulation cycle.

Why is Ovulation Prediction Necessary?

It's a known fact that sperms can survive for a limited time in a woman’s genital tract after intercourse (roughly 1-2 days) and the most fertile time of a woman’s sexual cycle is from a day before ovulation, up to one day after ovulation.

Ovulation prediction is very essential for you to be able to pin-point your favorable days to have sexual intercourse and increase your chances of getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy.

Has the Efficacy of Ovulation Prediction been established scientifically?

Yes! A research study involving 26 women of regular cycles was conducted and the findings proved the effectiveness of urinary LH kit in predicting ovulation. In addition, the kits were confirmed useful in pin-pointing ovulation date 12 - 24 hours in advance.

Various Methods for Predicting or Detecting Ovulation

There are quite a number of methods for calculating ovulation such as basal body temperature charting, observation of changes in cervical mucus, symptom of lower abdominal pain and cramps or mittelschmerz. However, these methods for calculating ovulation are marked with known limitations and inaccuracies.

Therefore, we present you urine ovulation test and saliva ovulation predictor test which have helped to overcome the constraints of other methods, giving accurate and reliable ovulation prediction results.

Urinary Ovulation Test Kit

This is the single, most-reliable method for predicting ovulation. Ovulation is preceded by a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH), which causes a mature follicle to rupture and release one or more eggs from ovary. The LH levels rise significantly in a day or two before ovulation occurs.

Urinary ovulation test kit works by detecting luteinizing hormone in urine. The kit comes in two forms; midstream stick and test strip, which change color when it comes in contact with urine that contains luteinizing hormone (LH).

After being dipped in a cup containing your urine or put through urine when you wee, the color of the strips is matched with a control strip and ovulation is considered positive if color change is observed.

Important Notice: Different kits give different colors for positive result. In case of any confusion, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your ovulation test kit.

Test Interpretation: If the test is initially negative but suddenly becomes positive, it’s almost certain that ovulation is about to take place. Ovulation occurs within a day after the test turns positive.

Ideally, this test should be performed twice a day, starting at least a few days before the expected LH rise.

Once the test is positive, intercourse is recommended the same day and once more after 24 hours. It’s also advised you have sex every 2 days when you start the test, even before a positive result is seen.

This test has been proven to have a very high reliability index and much more, it’s easy to perform at home.

However, in some conditions like PCOs (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or menopause, a false positive result may be seen. Likewise in case of a diluted urine sample, LH may be difficult to detect by a few drops.

Saliva Ovulation Test Kit

In the follicular phase of ovulation cycle, the mature egg follicle secretes estrogen and causing increased estrogen levels around the time of ovulation.

To conduct this test, a smear of your saliva is made on a slide and allowed to dry. Then it’s examined under a handheld microscope.

High estrogen levels can cause increased secretion of sodium chloride in saliva. When dried saliva from a woman with high estrogen level is examined on a slide, a specific crystal pattern called ferning is observed.

Interpretation: If the crystal pattern is well-developed, it indicates that ovulation is close (24 -72 hours). Sexual intercourse may then be planned accordingly.


1) Test is easy to perform and urine sampling is not required.

2) Estrogen levels rise in a gradual manner due to which the pattern development also moves from less-defined to clearly-defined stages, which can predict that ovulation is close much earlier than urinary test kits.

In this test, observation of saliva under microscope at home is prone to error and salt concentration in food intake may contaminate your saliva and give false positive test.

In addition, this test may also give a false positive result in cases of abnormal increase in estrogen levels due to other factors such as cysts, oral contraceptives, among others.

What is the Best Ovulation Test Kit or Predictor?

Option I

Urinary ovulation predictor kit, apart from being incredibly easy to use, is the most reliable ovulation predictor. The chances for false positive results are very low.

Besides, its efficacy has also been established by research studies. Generic test strips as well as specialized products such as ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test Kit and ClearBlue Easy Ovulation Test Kit are available and widely used.

Option II

Salivary ovulation kit is the best choice when urinary ovulation kits are unavailable or cannot be used. This has a fair reliability index as compared to other alternative methods. Fertile Focus Saliva Ovulation Test and Ovatel Microscope are among the most popular saliva ovulation predictor test its.

Which Ovulation Predictor Kit should I Choose?

From medical and review data, a single ovulation kit may not work best for all women due to factors such as ovulation cycle length, hormonal and other metabolic differences.

Here are some facts based on medical and review data that will help you choose the best kit.

1. Urinary Ovulation Test Kits:

These kits are recommended for women who have regular cycles. That is, the difference between your successive cycles isn’t more than 4-8 days.

Women who have irregular cycles or those using drugs for fertility are advised to choose any other method. Using these kits in irregular cycles makes their use very expensive, while fertility drugs may cause a false positive result owing to the hormonal components present in them.

2. Salivary Ovulation Test Kits

Unlike urinary ovulation test kits, these kits can be used in women who have long or irregular cycles; as well as in women using Clomid or fertility drugs.

However, overweight women should avoid this method (since the weight gain might be due to an excessive basal estrogen level). Women who have abnormal ovulation (ovulation not occurring spontaneously) should also avoid this method as it would not give a proper result. Interestingly, all of the verified, quality ovulation test kits are available  on Amazon.

Tips on getting better results from urinary and saliva ovulation test kits

  • The test should be performed at least twice a day. (This is because LH hormone surge occurs in a relatively brief period.)
  • Test should be performed at the same time each day.
  • For urinary ovulation predictor kit, it’s a good idea not to urinate for a few hours prior to performing the test.
  • For salivary ovulation test kit, it’s absolutely necessary not to eat any sort of food for at least a few hours prior to performing the test. Don’t drink too much liquid few hours before doing the test to avoid getting your urine diluted.
  • For women with cycles that are longer or shorter than the usual length, the test should be started accordingly so that the LH surge may not be missed.
  • The instruction manual of the manufacturer of your ovulation predictor kit should be read, understood and followed to avoid any user error.

Even if you have used other methods of calculating ovulation with no reliable result, using urine ovulation test kit or saliva ovulation predictor kit will further help you get the most accurate idea of your time of ovulation.

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