A WOMAN SPECIAL OCCASION - An Inspiring Ovulation Poem About Pregnancy by Dr. Elvie Victonette B. Razon-Gonzalez



There are misconceptions that surround the process of ovulation. This poem was written by a woman doctor; painting the true picture of this wonderful event, popularly called the Big-O.

Like a thief in the night, it comes without warning. 

In the midst of a cycle: it is the peak. A pinnacle

That reminds us of one thing:

Our body is a clock, tick-tock-tick-tock.


Out of their shelter and into the wild

The eggs scatter like men who lost their minds.

Each moves randomly, without a purpose.

Each acts wantonly, ravenous until it finds its half. 


Two weeks before the gush of blood, it happens:

An ovulating woman living up to her promise.

It is a mystery, not without a trace.

Gentle clues, the existential truth cannot be hard to find.


Subtle signs, small changes, only to the keen and wary: 

Slippery discharge, viscid and clear, without a smell, it is airless.

Sometimes a flowing gust of wind or a wet mound.

Coldness that comes before the warmth after.


You may notice that you are supple as a pear, 

An open door at the end of a cave down there!

Exquisite pain, lingering pain! Your belly despairs.

Your bosom cries, the lightest of a touch, the purest of a stroke.


There is a certain roundness to you:

Inexplicable, that you are about to burst. A million pieces!

There is a strong desire to love and be loved.

The truth cannot be denied:  the moment has finally come.


It’s a gift, a mystery, this celebration of every woman,

God reminding us that we are here for a reason:

The essence of a woman is the promise of a new life

You’re fertile with possibility: the life's story of joy foretold.  

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