New Pregnancy Poem - A New Step to Life

by Ashwini N Dodani
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Here comes a new happy, inviting moment

Someone somewhere coming down
As a gift again, so blessed
I see a new beauty on your face
A new glisten you put up again
I know you feel high, with this new blessing from above..

You remember the times
When the early bird did a round
You had a reason to be lost and found
Again you both are gifted with a precious joy again
Take care of this new blessing
Who is destined to be a boon not less than anything..

Now is the time to go buy yourself
some new dresses, some new toys, some chimes
Cherish this new invitation
To add more to your beauty
As the inflated heart succumbs
Breathes in, Breathes out, taking a toll onto everything..

I see you energized
More confident and fine than never before
I see you shine brighter
With each passing day upright
As the clock ticks your thoughts away,
Just imagine the felicity of moving forward in motherhood journey..

You know the consequences
Having experienced this bliss before
I know you're ready for every kind of knit
You are strong, happy to follow every advise
I know you're ready to give it what it takes this time
Just take care of how everything makes it up to the tip..

You know your little one is new
Get ready to be its vision
You know this experience can bring fear along
Be confident to hold on every second
You know this blessing need you both to succeed
Oh Mom and Dad! Trust each other and never let it fade away..

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