My Successful Pregnancy Despite Difficulties

by Benter Adede
(Homa Bay, Nyanza, Kenya)

It was just right after Christmas when I discovered I was expecting a baby. I was so overjoyed. I had been praying for a child for so long. My joy was cut short when I started blotting. I rushed to the hospital. A series of tests were done and the scan results revealed that I have fibroids.

Life was certainly not on my side. The doctor gave me six weeks bed rest. When I told my employer that I would be away for such a long time, she threatened to sack me. I could not afford to lose my job. I realised I was all alone in this and being without a source of income was not an option.

In my folly, I defied the doctor’s advice to rest. After two days at work, I was bleeding profusely. I regretted why I went to work. I cried and cried and cried. It was at the end of the day when the situation got worse. I went back to the hospital for I could not stand the thought of losing my baby. Fortunately for me, my unborn child was still fine. However, if I did not hid to instructions, I was surely going to lose him. I knew I was going to be judged for the decision I was about to make.

Most people told me that I was making a big mistake. I refused to listen to any of them and chose the voice of reason. This was the hardest decision I ever made in my life. Despite the fact that I did not have any other source of income other than my job, I quit. My employer was not willing to give me time off and I was not willing to lose my child. As difficult as it was, this was a decision I have not regretted since.

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she needs to make sacrifices in order to save her child.

Mine was a bit extreme because it was also the time when my spouse decided that he didn't want me anymore. I was so devastated. Having a difficult pregnancy and a divorce is enough to send anyone crazy.

Living alone was not a wise decision so I retreated back to my family home. There, I found refuge in my mother who encouraged me all the way through my pregnancy. I kept a positive mind and focused all my energy towards becoming a mother.

Eight months later, the doctors were amazed when I delivered a bouncing baby boy. I still have fibroids but they are not a threat to my life. In fact, I don’t even have any symptoms. With my experience and other pregnancy stories I’ve heard, I realized most first pregnancy is always full of surprises.

My heart goes to all expectant mothers out there who are going through a difficult time. The best thing to do is always to take it easy during the pregnancy journey. Don't worry about tomorrow. Take one day at a time. My baby gives me so much joy. Even friends and family that were against me quitting my job are happy for me now.

Although I have not yet resumed work, I am in no rush for I know his well-being is more important! In the meantime, I do online jobs at home. With the little that I make, I can afford to meet my financial obligations comfortably. This is my first pregnancy story.

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Jul 07, 2012
by: Ann Oni

I wish you all the best with your child. Some people have it rough through pregnancy, but determination is what matters. As long as you are positive, You will make it!

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