My Pregnancy Stories and My Conclusions

by Pay D.
(Indiana, United States)

In my pregnancy story, I would like to share useful thoughts, experiences and the things I’ve learned. There I was, looking at the home pregnancy test that showed I would be expecting a baby. I already had a daughter and a son; this pregnancy marked third. I wasn't too sure how my new fiancee would feel as I was having my ex husband's baby. However, when he learned about what sort of an ex I had, he jumped on board.

This baby wasn't going to be like the others. There were many differences from the first two pregnancies I had. For starters, during this pregnancy, I was more emotional. Maybe it was due to all the things that were going on. I had started a new relationship, yet pregnant from the previous.

I learned that my soon to be mother-in-law was not ecstatic about her only son and I being together. I was a menace to her. I had two kids with a third on the way. She made it crystal clear that her son wasn't going to be the daddy of this baby. She gave him the ultimatum that if he put his name on the birth certificate, then he would be disowned. This caused me so much stress. When I gave birth just a week ago, he wasn't there, but I tried to let him in on every aspect that I can.

To make matters worse, I encountered other forms of stress resulting from threatening health conditions. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Diabetes runs in my family and to learn that you have this is something that is very scary. As if that was not enough, I had to deal with plenty of backaches throughout my pregnancy. I spent the last few months of my pregnancy on the couch. I got tired faster. I got more emotional than normal perhaps because of the depression I was going through.

There were other things going on. Doctors were certain that I would go past my due date. But, I carried full term, and surprisingly Graciella was born on her due date of the 4th of July. With TJ and Kenzie, I didn't go that long. I was a week early with my son and a month early with my oldest daughter. My fiancée...the poor guy had to hear me worry.

The Water Breaking Experiences of My Pregnancy Stories

When the water broke with my son, I was in the car. I was leaving my first ex. This was intense. I still believe that it was stress that caused it. I felt the gush of water, leaned my head back and kept saying no. This wasn't supposed to happen as it was too soon. I remember the fear I felt as well.

The water breaking for my oldest daughter was much more pleasant. It happened while I was sleeping. I remember my ex at the time was right there. This time I had a person holding my hand. I lived on ice chips. I remember walking was my only saving grace, that and neck rubs. For some reason, neck rubs felt better than anything else.

Though the time was long before I delivered her, it helped to have that person that I trusted there with me. I remember that with my blood pressure as high as it was, they didn't allow me to play my music that I had transferred to a tape so I could play it! However, as soon as I was given an epidural for her, nothing mattered!

Then to my latest one, I was at home. I knew it was close. I was extremely happy when sitting there with my oldest brother and my sister. I couldn't have done it without them. Unfortunately, my fiancee wasn’t around. So, I was with the other trusted people in my life. I remember actually doing work because it helped when the following contractions weren't that far apart. I was calm this time around. Coping through labor was easy with my family around. They talked and I joined in while breathing through my words.

Even the labor was shorter with this one with only being in labor for a few hours. Labor was excruciating and I was in active labor with my daughter for 48 hours and 32 hours with my son.

Some say it could have been the changes going on in my body that made this one easier. Some say that since my ex husband was in jail and I was with a guy who completed me and stood by me through everything, this allowed me to have a better pregnancy. However, no one can surely know why this one was completely different.

The thing I have found is that no matter what number you’re on, if this is more than your first child, things will still make you nervous. I found myself learning about all the new things that are out there, some of which amaze me.

What I have learned more than anything, in my pregnancy stories, is that while it might be more than just your first child, change will still make it to feel like you are having your first one as you never know what you’re going to get. You might have a new job this time around. You might have frustrating in laws. The weather might alter your plans. What I do know, for sure, is that you can get through everything in pregnancy!

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