MAKING MILK - A Controversial Poem About Pregnancy by  Ryan Centaur 



Do you ‘carry a child’, or will you ‘bear a child?’ These clichés about pregnancy seem inappropriate for describing the state of pregnancy. Perhaps it’s time to find another way of encompassing the time between conception and birth.

Some of the old school generations say it.

(No doubt they think it too.)

They do not see the error in it-

Those unenlightened few.

“She is Carrying…” in reverent words

Said hushed, clearly as a boast-

That you have such strength to “Carry a Child”

That you are a most gracious host.


But, think on it, you women,

Who have served your term well through,

Did you merely ‘Carry’ your child

Or does the child also carry parts of you?


When a child is borne in one’s arms,

Snuggle-cuddled against one’s cheek,

This is to truly carry a child,

As the strong will carry the weak.


But when inside our bodies,

Warm, dark and meek,

That child is as entwined in us

As a tongue inside a cheek.


A bun in the oven no longer!

Knocked up? Shame on those who jest!

For who shall use crude humor

When seeing the sweetness of an infant at breast?


No, dear ones, you are no longer!

‘Carrying’ nor simply ‘with child.’

No more than you ‘carry’ a Turkey to table,

Or eat ‘with children’ at your side.


You, pregnant woman, I argue to say,

Are two precious lives twined in silk.

Within your warm folds a part of you grows

Then flows from your body with milk.

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