Love Poem to My Beautiful Pregnant Wife - A Beautiful Threshold

by Archana

You my love, my dear wife,

The most beautiful person I know
Now you are all the more beautiful,
With that certain glow on your face,

The day I proposed my love to you
The very day I went down on my knee
I knew your fertile womb, someday
Will make me a happy father-to-be

Till now you were just one amazing person
But now within you is our little one
It may be our pretty daughter
Or perhaps our handsome little son

An epitome of strength you are to me
You are all that I could have asked for in a wife
Now as you step into the threshold of motherhood
You bring into this world another life

I love the way you are there for me
You care for me in every possible way
And I know as a mother to our child
You will enrich our lives everyday

Your presence is a gift
Your love makes me smile
As a mother I know you will,
Stand by our child, at every mile

The miracle of life,
I see unraveling in you
And when you give birth
For us both, it'll be a life anew

In all these years
That we've known one another,
I think the happiest moment will be
When you become a doting mother

The joy you will bring into our lives
In a few months as they pass by
I cannot wait to see our baby's face,
Cannot wait to hear the first cry

I will be a proud father
And such a wonderful mother you will be
As our baby arrives soon
Every moment will be filled with glee

Our child will be precious,
And for changing my life
There is only one person I can thank,
You my love, my dear wife

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