Love Poem for My Beautiful Expecting Wife

by Ashwini N Dodani
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Here is a beautiful love poem from a would-be dad to his lovely, beautiful, expecting wife.

From beauty to divinity
From love to serenity
Our relationship grew
From faith to sanctity
A mesmeric shine in your eyes that climbed,
A scenic love, barred from clandestine..

I have always loved you
A little bit more now
I value you always
A mere realization to say
I see you blush; I see those crimson cheeks eternal,
I see some expectations from the coming tot universal..

You blessed us
With a gift so fine
In debt I am for you
Up to every duty on time
Today almighty gave you the chance to repay
A barter not, but a surprise to all of us benign..

With every passing month
The franticness goes beyond
With every rolling happy tear
You caress the womb along
With a little movement that make you wake up from the sleep
As you caress the child, I'll be there with you..

Tonight the house feels so illuminated
Like the shining of the moon in firmanent
Tonight the feelings even feel protected
As secured as the spirit of true love
You give new meaning to my Life
I will thank you at every step, honey, my Love..

Let the pain keep you alive
And the liveliness keep you going
You walk around and bear the pain
Just because of our pearl in making
You mold yourself and learn from the roost
You know this is going to pay back so heavy..

A promise I ask for
Of our child so placid
Never let the fall our pearl affect
In the delicate places you tread
Your every need mine, the child’s every need ours,
In any situation come, we will give the best but the basic..

Tonight I make you sleep
With abundant hugs and kisses
I pass same again and again
To my little one so blessed
For the coming future, we know our joy is certain
As we are bound with love, with blood, and our wonderful baby..

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