Wondering about losing weight while pregnant, here is the big picture of pregnancy weight loss.



Is losing weight while pregnant safe and advisable? Most physicians would be quick to tell you a capital NO! Yes, it isn't an ideal option in most pregnancies however; there are exceptional cases where losing weight during pregnancy becomes necessary.

For instance, overweight or obesity in an expecting mom often constitutes potential dangers and health concerns for both mom and her growing baby. In such circumstance, it’s crucial for you to know the most suitable option that can help you achieve pregnancy weight loss without affecting your growing baby or putting your pregnancy in high risk. This is more about achieving the right weight gain just for you.

What are indicative factors for losing weight while pregnant?

Ideally, most women should concentrate on having balanced diet during pregnancy to achieve optimal weight gain but there are instances where adjustment of your diet may be necessary to help in your effort at losing weight while pregnant. These indicative factors include:

Before becoming pregnant, if your body mass index was more than 25 kg/m2, you’re more vulnerable to increase your body mass index more than 30 kg/m2, which isn’t only unhealthy for you but also your pregnancy progression through to labor and delivery.

During an ideal pregnancy, an average women who had pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index of less than 25 kg/m2 can gain between 25 to 35 pounds in pregnancy; however if you were over-weight before becoming pregnancy, you should maintain a regular diet plan that’ll help you not to gain more than 25 pounds throughout your pregnancy.

Similarly, a woman who was obese (with a BMI of more than 30 kg/m2) before becoming pregnant must not gain weight more than 20 pounds throughout her entire pregnancy period.

Peradventure such overweight or obese mom crosses the average limit of 25 pounds of weight gain; losing weight while pregnant may be unavoidable to counteract possible delivery complications.

In what circumstance does losing weight while pregnant important?

If you’re above the recommended body mass index range of less than 25 kg/m2, pregnancy weight loss may be recommended. This is because studies have proved that obese pregnant women are at risk of developing systemic illnesses such as gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes.

Moreover, obesity poses additional health risks with increased possibility for certain pregnancy complications. According to a survey, cesarean section is 5 times more common in obese expecting moms than those who have normal body mass index.

Is it safe if I decide to lose weight while pregnant?

Although, losing weight while pregnant isn’t ideally recommended and also not the best option in most cases, but for most plus size pregnancies mere control of calorie intake (without changing the amount of food intake) may lead to weight loss.

With normal and recommended weight during pregnancy, you’ll feel much more active and your energy levels will be much higher than any obese or over-weight expecting mom.

However, it’s absolutely safe to lose weight during pregnancy, only if weight loss is achieved by natural and reasonable methods. The key advice is for you to avoid using any type of hormonal or nutritional supplement, appetite suppressants and such-like to achieve pregnancy weight loss.

What should I know about losing weight while pregnant?

Dieting is never the best means of weight loss during pregnancy, but you should know that most expecting moms lose substantial weight during first trimester of pregnancy depending upon how bad the nausea and vomiting they have.

In the first few months of pregnancy, it’s absolutely fine if you don’t consume a lot of extra calories to support your pregnancy especially for plus size expecting moms who have sufficient fat stores in their body that keep them going through the usual first trimester weight loss.

Losing weight during pregnancy doesn’t mean starving or very low calories intake as many have portrayed it, starving yourself will be counterproductive because your growing baby will be hardest hit. It makes more sense if you eat more of regulated quality calories while avoiding junk and empty calories.

Calorie is basically an expression or a measurement of energy that your body produces from the foods you eat and for pregnant moms this calories’ demand varies from pre-pregnancy time throughout the various stages of pregnancy development.

Following tips of advice and suggestions are helpful for losing weight while pregnant:

  • Keep a diary for your nutritional demand and calorie requirements after consulting a registered dietitian. Then, maintain a balanced daily diet of foods across all food groups especially vitamins, minerals, and protein.
  • Instead of losing weight directly by exercise or dieting, it’s much better to control your weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Learn to eat healthy when you’re pregnant. Get engaged in recommended regular exercise and maintain some sort of physical activities like yoga, swimming and walking (as opposed to cycling and jogging which are harmful for you and your baby).
  • Avoid high calorie meals and diets throughout your pregnancy.
  • In your subsequent pregnancy preparation, control your weight and try to achieve an ideal healthy weight before you get pregnant to avoid the struggles of losing the weight during pregnancy.

If you’re overweight or obese and pregnant at the same time, don’t’ be daunted. By properly planning a strategy with the help of your healthcare provider and dietitian, you can get a suitable measure for losing weight while pregnant and alleviating the risks of extra pounds to you and your baby.

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