Losing weight after pregnancy involves the best combination of healthy diet and regular exercise. Here are tips to shed the fat and get back into shape.

Learning about losing weight after pregnancy is a common quest among moms after childbirth, for the obvious desire to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape, physical and emotional well-being. Although, a new mom feel fairly better after childbirth by losing an average of 15 pounds overnight but it takes a lot of time to get her belly contract back to the pre-pregnancy form.

Generally the expectation of moms is very high, assuming their belly will shrink and they’ll be able to lose their pregnancy weight soon after delivery. But you can’t practically go through pregnancy, gaining an average of 30 pounds over 9 months, and now expect to come out of childbirth much more trimmer than you went in.

How long will it take to lose weight after pregnancy?

Losing weight after pregnancy is a process that continues for several weeks after delivery. Your enlarged uterus, residual pregnancy fluids and out-stretched muscles will have to gradually normalize over time.

For some moms it may take between 2-6 months to get back to shape, while other moms may take anywhere from 10 to 12 months to shed the extra weight especially those moms that gained between 35 -50 pounds during a singleton pregnancy.

In the first instance, it took you about 9 months to put on the pounds. Don’t be perturbed when it takes some time for the pounds to shed off.

Useful tips of advice for losing weight after pregnancy

After childbirth, your body form undergoes slight changes ranging from broadened waist line and hips as well as a softer belly. Your belly may take between 2 to 6 months to get back to its original shape (due to muscular contraction), and so it’s advisable you use a slow approach for losing weight after pregnancy.

A healthy diet and regular exercise have been proven to be the best approach to shed off pregnancy fat and weight gain.

  • Regular Exercise and work-out

Postpartum exercise helps to get back into shape, tightens-up all your stretched muscles and loosened joints during pregnancy and childbirth.

You may eagerly want to get back to your exercise plan immediately after childbirth but it’s advised you take it slowly until you gradually become active. Newborn moms are seriously prohibited from doing heavy exercise for at least 4 to 8 weeks after delivery.

The duration is more than 4 months for women who gave birth through Cesarean section but if you had a normal vaginal delivery with no major health issue, you can start light postpartum exercise as soon as you want even after 24 hours.

Walking is a great form of exercise that you can begin immediately after delivery and gradually move into brisk works, workouts, among other exercises.

  • Balanced, Healthy and Nutritious Postpartum Diet

Again, it’s very essential to take a gradual approach for losing weight after pregnancy and as such a balanced healthy diet can help do the trick. Please take note that we’re not referring to dieting here.

Eliminate unhealthy saturated fats and processed foods from your daily diet, avoid high fat sources like butter, ice-creams, chocolates and other high calorie dairy products and instead, take healthy fats like those taken from nuts and milk. In addition, avoid sugary beverages like coke and smoothies to minimize calorie intake.

There are many other useful ways to lose weight postpartum. Breastfeeding, for instance, can help significantly in postpartum weight loss.

If you’re breastfeeding, it’s advised you don’t bother about losing weight in the first six weeks after childbirth and you must not cut short your calorie intake while breastfeeding because it can severely cut short available milk for your newborn.

An average breastfeeding mom requires no more than 2200 calories per day to lose weight slowly while still maintaining an excellent healthy nutrition. If you’re not breastfeeding, you don’t need more than 1800 calories to maintain your health.

However, individual calorie requirement may vary according to the rate of metabolism, amount of breastfeeding you’re doing and your weight gain during pregnancy. As a rule, consult a registered dietitian to avoid any complications when you’re planning a diet control for weight loss after childbirth.

Dieting versus losing weight after pregnancy

Regardless of how badly you want to burn off your pregnancy fat, it’s important not to start dieting immediately after childbirth. Your body needs a lot of proteins to repair tissues, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits to nourish your newborn baby as well.

Burning fat too quickly can also release toxins into the blood which may pass on to your baby through breast milk. If you’re not breastfeeding, a weight-loss dieting plan is okay.

Apart from nutritional needs of your body, dieting may greatly depress your energy levels, making it even more difficult to take care of your health and of the baby’s health.

Finally, it’s necessary you examine your diet in order to ensure you eat foods that adequately serve you and your baby’s nutritional needs. A dietitian or your healthcare provider can help you with more specific useful advice.

How rapid you shed off pregnancy fat and return to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape is believed to largely depend on your weight gain during pregnancy. If you gain over 35 pounds during pregnancy, it may take you more time and effort to return back into pre-pregnancy weight and shape.

Losing weight after pregnancy is not a herculean task as long as you chose the right option. Don’t be overly apprehensive when the extra fat seems to take longer to melt off than you expect, it may take time but you’ll definitely shed the pounds and tone back into shape slow and steady.

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