LIFE INSIDE THY WOMB | An Inspirational Poem About Pregnancy by Cristina Mejos 



This inspirational poem about pregnancy is dedicated to all the pregnant women in the world.  Pregnancy is not an easy thing to bear yet it brings unspeakable joy.  It’s truly an amazing journey 

The cradle of life starts in thy womb,

Where God’s masterpiece gently looms;

The fruit of love sprouts in thy womb,

Growing steadily until it blooms.

When the doctor uttered these words to you,

“You are no longer one but two;”

You leaped for bliss not knowing what to do,

So grateful for the life growing inside you.


Day by day you feel him grow,

What a mixed feeling it has endowed;

As you hear his heart beats inside your belly,

Overwhelmed with joy as you wait patiently.


He walks and moves with you,

He gets what you eat too;

Though he doesn’t utter words to you;

Surely he feels what you do.


What a tiny miracle lies close to your heart,

You surely love him right from the start;

What a special memory you will always cherish,

Nine months of sweet moments to relish.


Month by month, week by week,

Your husband perceives of his physique;

Longing for him to resemble his nose and eyes,

He giggles as you see him draw a smile.


An answered prayer and a wish come true,

As the family waits to see the life growing inside you;

They whisper gleefully the names they have in mind,

Delight and incitement are sweetly entwined.


Carrying a life inside thy womb is glorious,

Carrying him is a replica of sheer ecstasy;

This world mirrors an intricate dome,

 But thy womb is indeed his first home.

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