Labor and Delivery are Pregnancy Finals.
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Now the final is... labor and delivery. This is like the final of any sport championship bringing you into labor and your baby into delivery, having gone through the challenges, rigors and fun of the pregnancy journey; from preparing to get pregnant, ovulation, getting pregnant through the first, second and third trimesters.

Yes, there is so much anticipation, cares and concerns of what the stage of labor and childbirth holds for you as well as your baby. We believe there are quite a number of things you can do for yourself in preparing for the Big event of the D-day. There's no doubt that you'll able to cope with the demands of labor and delivery if you understand what happen during this process.

Fear makes pain worse, and any woman will naturally feel frightened of what she doesn’t understand or can't control. So learning about labor and delivery can help you a lot.

It’s possible to learn ways of breathing and techniques for relaxation that make it possible for you to hurdle over contractions and alleviate labor pains. As well as relaxation, breathing and massage, your position can also make a difference. Kneeling helps some women, while walking around, moving in other ways such as rocking backwards and forwards, have proven to help others.

It’s also very important for you to feel in control of what is happening to you and learning, as much as you can, will equip you to greet the time of labor and birth with much needed confidence. Don't hesitate to read all the information on our website about childbirth, in addition to asking questions and whatever you want from your doctor before or during labor.

You should be working with your midwife, douala or doctor as they are working with you. A great many women manage better in labor if their partners or someone else whom they feel they can 'lean on' are with them. If you've no-one with you, then your midwife will certainly help and support you.

This is a photo of a pregnant woman contractions during the labor and delivery process being assisted by her partner and a midwife.

This segment of PregnancyMama gives you helpful information and insight into preparation for labor and childbirth and what labor and delivery is all about. Regardless of where you’re having your baby, be it at the hospital or elsewhere, you’ll have the information contained on our website to be extremely educative and useful.

Dear, labor and birth shouldn’t be seen as a rocket science or complicated event. When you have the big picture of the various stages, actions and reactions that happen in you and outside you during the process, and the available support and care options, you’ll give yourself the benefit of greeting labor and childbirth with confidence.

Every woman has the potentials of all it takes to successfully carry pregnancy and deliver. Oh woman, you’re wonderfully made for a moment such as labor and childbirth and we wish you the best experience when your D-day breaks.

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