Inspiring Pregnancy Poem to a Pregnant Teenager

by Ashwini N Dodani
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

From a lass to a grown up teenager

Now I see light come into your Life
Don't struggle to be up everyone’s plight
Now you’re gifted, with someone of your own
Take care of this gift divine
For this is the highest level of life delight..

This was meant to happen; b'cos it happened
So, cherish every moment in disguise
Let each moment of each passing day
Surely excite you of motherhood journey
Looking at the motherhood ahead, don't despair
But with optimism, feel the chime in your smile..

Prayers will have a place all the way
To make you both strong, and let you survive
Asking for blessings, staying around loved ones
Will help keep your emotions at flight
Feel every moment, live every second
Expect not everyone to make you feel worth a while..

Those little movements in the womb
May tickle your senses
Those sweet kicks on your tummy
Might make you feel something strange
Be confident! As you await the bouncing joy
Soon you'll be addressed like a Goddess, a Mother..

So, I wish you each moment of happiness
As you allow this phase of your life
Give you the loveliest of lifetime memories
Remember a long way you've come through
Be strong! And never let anyone
Come in the path of this beautiful chivalry..

Give your baby all the attention
Convey all the care you could muster
Cure with a kiss; Caress on the head
You're its angel; the doctor its friendly bubble
Solving every riddle with a cuddle and soft tickle
Life will shine more, when you handle this blessing, subtle..

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