Inspiring Pregnancy Poem for Expecting Mom

by Adeniyan Adekemi
(Ternopil, Ukraine)

This poem focuses on the beauty of a pregnant woman or expecting Mom and the thoughts and reflections on her pregnancy journey and the future with her baby.

She is beautiful
The woman who wears a child in her womb
Your magic is in your gentleness
In our eyes you are victorious
How can someone so small
Bring forth a child so great
That’s the beauty of your power

The doctor said, "Congratulations, you are expecting a baby,
You whole life became brand new.
New ideas have crept in
New life growing inside of you
Slowly everything became a reality
You opened your eyes to new desires
Suddenly you felt special

Today you became a woman
Your stomach swells,
Your breast increases
From the peak of your life
You feel the beginning of an infinite peace
Your joy knows no bound
The Miracle of a new life

Step by Step you came closer to life
You can almost feel round belly move
Curiosity begins to awaken in you
Is it a She or a Him growing?
Is it a Patrick or a Jane?
Will her hair be long and silky?
Or will he have gorgeous blue eyes?

Under the weight of your joy
Sometimes you feel drowsy
But you fill the stirs inside you
Then you dream about the future
Will there be tea parties and dolls
Or Will it be baseball and toy cars
Only time alone can tell

Between joy and tears,
During a painful childbirth
You will know happiness,
Millions of mothers came before you
You will get the strength to take that step
Eternal cycle of life
Perfect happiness

This child who is to be born
No limit to the love you will share
A timeless nest you will give to him
Flames of fire
Sense of soaring
Words cannot describe this perfection
Could it be a natural supernatural?

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