Inspiring Pregnancy Haiku Poems

by Syllabus Onajobi
(Abuja, Nigeria)

Inspiring Haiku Poems about Pregnancy

Common, yet so great
Pregnancy is wonderful
Fountain of full joy

Fortune in your eyes
Strange feelings in your body
Future in your womb

Life started so small
Less than one year it will be
A child in your lives

Living now for two
Your life takes on new meaning
It is glorious

The pregnancy life
Started inside from us two
It is wonderful

Feeling life within
First a flutter, then a kick
Quite miraculous

You feel the kicking
It is all so real right now
Your heart is so full

You feel certain pain
Yet, don't languish, dear woman
You’re made to overcome

Pretty as ever
You work your lovely magic
Pain will become joy

In this spring of life
Your soul will joyfully bloom
In a baby's cry

You deserve the love
This child will more than bring us
Pregnancy is good

Pregnancy inspires
Stories, poetry and fairytales
It is a true art

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