Inspirational Teenage Pregnancy Poem - Too Young To Be Old

by Archana

You were once a little girl

Full of bright hopes and dreams
Your life was filled with innocence,
Moments of carefree abandon
You had many a joy filled day
And a childhood that would forever stay

And then it all changed one day
Your life now a different tale
A teenager you were a moment ago
But now you are a child no more
In your womb is another life
And you are yet to be somebody’s wife

Accusations from your dear ones
Those glances from people unknown
Some advised you, some hurt you
Many refused to understand you
Doubts within your mind grew
Your young mind knew not what to do

Fret not, you are still precious
As precious as you were once before
If not more, with the new life within you
You are now the giver of life, of new hope
You are now a mother, dear girl
And you will slowly see your pregnancy unfurl

Now you have to care for yourself
And within you is another endearing soul
You have to be strong as the days go by
And be the bravest person you’ve ever known
You have to fight all your tears
And forgo all those baseless fears

You have nothing to fear for
You have your baby who needs you the most
Stand up for yourself and your child
Your love for your child, will let it grow
What others say matters very little now
You will get the strength to face it all somehow

Love yourself for the gift of life
That you would bring soon into this world
You are still young but you are not weak
Your life is still full of hopes and dreams
And your eyes they hold, stories untold
Because you are too young to be old

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