Inspirational Pregnancy Poem for Baby

by Łukasz Michalak
(Zgierz, Poland)

The first thing you saw when you came to this world

Was white and bedazzling light
You weren't prepared, so you got a little scared
Couldn't help but to fright

Suddenly you felt a pleasing warm touch
Soothing voice entered your ears
You slowly relaxed, and were no longer perplexed
There was no more place for fear

You'd been sleeping so peacefully for many months
Inside the friendly shelter of a tummy
Swimming in the amniotic pool of the womb
Perhaps, sucking thumb
In the inner sanctum of womanhood
Though you're no longer there
But still, safe thanks to her
Your loving, one and only Mom

Her kisses, her hugs and her gentle eyes
Nothing else you need to see
You'll giggle, you'll cry, you'll frown and you'll smile
And right next to you she'll be

When you'll get tired of all the commotions
And feel that it's time for shuteye
Your mom will kiss you and then she'll sing too
A dream-luring sweet lullaby

You are a sum of your parents' souls
Their qualities joined in perfection
For that alone they will give it their all
Engulf you in loving protection

A sapling that resides deep within your heart
Watered with parental toil
Will grow very strong and not before long
You'll be ready for this mortal coil

What will become of you? Nobody knows
A doctor, Policeman, Attorney?
Every little child, be it lively or mild
One day must embark on its journey

But for now let's not worry what will happen next
Whole childhood is waiting ahead
Your parents are proud and they want to shout loud
These words without a shadow of dread

“Do not worry, dear, nature's beauty in flesh
Our hopes and dreams that came true, you are
Whatever's in store in this unpredictable world
We'll always be there for you”

Oh my Baby, my All
This pregnancy poem is for you, my Baby
As a testament
Of your place in my heart

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Nov 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Beautiful :)

Sep 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Really nice :). Great Poem to write in birth card :)

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