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How to Calculate Ovulation Date by Yourself



Learning how to calculate ovulation date is very vital if you wanted to get pregnant or simply avoid unwanted pregnancy. Actually there are several ways for you to calculate ovulation date, PregnancyMama presents you the different methods to calculate date of ovulation.

How to Calculate Date of Ovulation with Menstrual Cycle?

This is the most typical method on how to calculate ovulation date. With it, you will need to work with the days of your menstrual cycle. You can know the pattern of your menstrual cycle by keeping a record of your periods.

Here is how. Each month, record the first day of your menstrual bleeding or discharge, in your diary or a calendar. Then count the first day you started to have menstruation up to the time you had it again. Do this for a number of months.

Every mature woman is expected to keep this record, as part of her fertility awareness, whether getting pregnant or not.

Although the length of ovulation varies from woman to woman, most women with a fairly regular cycle usually ovulate about 14days before their next period, whatever the length of menstrual cycle may be. Usually, you’ll get between 28-30 days as the count of your menstrual cycle.

After successfully calculating number of days making up your menstrual cycle, work out the first day of your next period and count 14 days backwards. That is, from when you are supposed to start your next menstruation. This arithmetic should give you the time you’re likely to ovulate.

For instance, if you have a regular 30 day cycle, subtract 14 days from your cycle (30-14= 16), it means you will likely ovulate about 16 days after the first day of your next period. Most automated fertility or ovulation calculator and calendar will help you do this calculation.

For emphasis, if you want to get pregnant, you need to have sexual intercourse 2-3 days before, and about a day after your ovulation date. Keep in mind that the sperm cells will need to travel between 30 mins. to 72 hours, before it meets up with an egg for fertilization in the Fallopian duct.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to calculate ovulation because you do not want to get pregnant, you’ll have to avoid sexual intercourse 3 days before your ovulation date and 3-4 days afterwards.

However, not all women have regular number of menstrual cycle days. Looking at the calendar method, it’s obvious that women with irregular cycle can not accurately use it to calculate the date they ovulate and will have to use the other methods on how to calculate ovulation described below.

How to Calculate Ovulation Date through Basal Body Temperature?

This is another effective way of being aware if you are already in the period of ovulation, although it shows a retrospective result.

Unlike the previous method for calculating ovulation date, this does not involve any calculations or counting of days. This is all about monitoring and observing your basal body temperature.

It’s been proven that just after a woman ovulates, her basal body temperature (BBT) goes up or sharply increases.

Those having difficulty conceiving, perhaps with irregular cycle, will have to keep a temperature chart starting from the first day of a period, first thing every morning before you get out of bed using a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer.

Keeping a record of your temperature day by day, you’ll discover a point where your temperature rises so sharply (ranging from about 0.2 - 0.6 *F). That point of temperature rise shows you have just ovulated and pin-points that the time you’re most likely to conceive is past.

If this point of temperature increase is consistent across 3 months in your chart, it shows the closest days of your ovulation in future months. This temperature method only indicates when ovulation has occurred and provides you a pattern that you can further interpret.

You can use the temperature chart history to know precisely when next you’ll ovulate. Though this temperature method can be somehow difficult to carry out but you can do it especially with the help of your healthcare provider.

How to Calculate Ovulation Date by Using Ovulation Predictor Kit?

This is a more advanced way to calculate ovulation date. With this, you will need to use a particular kit which can check the state of your luteinizing hormones (LH). This can successfully detect if you are at the peak of the surge of LH.

The time you’re at such LH peak is the best time for you to have sexual intercourse 24-36 hours after that detected LH level surge. The ovulation predictor kit works with your urine as specimen.

There are more ways on how to calculate ovulation date. Different websites which offer free information about being fertile and pregnancy can help you a lot. You can as well seek the help of a gynecologist for proper education and advice on this matter.

Finally, there are typical physiological changes that occur before, during and after ovulation that triggers symptoms and signs of ovulation that could be detected and observed to estimate when ovulation is about to occur or already taken place.

However, many women find it easier to detect their ovulation or fertile days more accurately using ovulation predictor kit.

Learning to understand and observe these indicative signs of ovulation in your body will help you, in addition to knowing how to calculate date of ovulation, to naturally maximize your chances of getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. Follow this link to read the signs of ovulation.

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