GO AND GET PREGNANT Pregnancy Poem for Inspiring Women and Men by Ayanfe Kayode Somoye



This pregnancy poem challenges women and men to experience the phenomenon of fusion and fission in the process of procreation.

These two words kept haunting my soul--

Fission and fusion won’t let me go!

Divorce is separation—a letting go!      

Two people backing and distancing each other.

Wedding is the welding together of two opposites

Solidified by the exchange of rings and kisses,

Consummated by the ecstasy of sex!    

The former is fission; the latter fusion.

Mating is a failed attempt at physical fusion

But our infinitely-wise God orchestrated the end-result

Through a solo sperm out of trillions

Hunting down a lonely egg

Leading to conception!

By the fusion a third party materialized

Wait a minute!

Two became three; is that fusion or fission?

When repeated the original two multiplied

Into four or five or six or seven

 Eight or nine or ten or eleven or twelve!

Manifold fusions produced that number—

Manifesting fissions!

 How far do you want to go?

The scary heart is missing too much

Birthing babies is so sweet!       


 What process brought this about—pregnancy!

Woman incubating man under time limit!

A pregnant woman used to be one person

But pregnant, she is two in one

A mother of twins is three in one

A mother of eight is nine in one.


Come to think of it!

Must fusion take place before fission?

Case study-- homosexuals will never

Achieve successful fusion or fission!

Never to know the thrill of fatherhood or motherhood!

They only have sperms with no eggs to fertilize

The exploding population of lesbians only has unfertilized eggs

That will never enjoy the company of sperms.

Their mating is pseudo-fusion producing no fission

If the whole world were to be homosexuals or lesbians

Then, the extinction of mankind is at hand!

As they gain converts on daily basis.

Nations are being converted to terminate mankind continuity

As the most rational animal embraced irrationality

Negating man’s claim to superiority!

Lower animals now seem or are wiser than that

As pleasure metamorphosed into perversion

As abnormality becomes normality and vice-versa

Thus, fusion is short-circuited and fission neutralized.

Setting me free of the two lexicons 

Assaulting my fragile vexed soul!

Humanity is pregnant ready to explode into extinction.

As many nations are legalizing Homosexualism--

Their peaceful extermination.

As for you, wisdom orders—

Go and get pregnant!

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