Why Gaining Weight after Pregnancy? 
When shedding it could be an uphill task.



Gaining weight after pregnancy is one of the most common concerns among new moms. Most women put on unavoidable fat during pregnancy and getting rid of it seemingly becomes a difficult task going forward post-partum.

With a recommended weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy for a woman of normal weight, few months are enough to shed these extra pounds with mere calorie control. However, women who put on more than 40 pounds usually require extra time to shed-off after childbirth, let alone cases of some moms who continue to gain weight post-partum.

What are the factors responsible for gaining weight after pregnancy?

Ideally, it is not difficult to regain your pre-pregnancy weight if you can closely watch and control your normal daily activities like the food you eat, your exercise program and lifestyle. In case you have put on more than recommended weight during pregnancy, you’ll most likely require more efforts to lose the extra calories and bring your weight back to normal.

If you don’t put in enough effort to shed the pregnancy weight gain right after your pregnancy, it will increasingly become more difficult to shed with every passing day. Instead of losing weight after pregnancy, some women actually find themselves gaining additional weight after childbirth, making their post-pregnancy weight loss more complicated.

Stress is one of the most common factors responsible for gaining weight after pregnancy. Stress primarily depresses energy levels and potentially degenerates into eating disorders and fatigue in new moms.

Some stressed-out moms have little time to prepare meals and rather rely more on processed meals; meals that directly aggravate the tendency for weight gain after pregnancy.

Lack of sleep is another factor that greatly decreases energy levels and many new moms are tempted to over-eat in the quest to increase their energy levels.

What can be done to prevent gaining weight after pregnancy?

Some doctors strictly advise shedding pregnancy fat in good time to prevent it from degenerating into problems such as obesity. Losing weight after pregnancy requires proper planning and management so that your well-being and baby’s nutrition isn’t affected in any way.

The most important thing is for you to be patient in the course of your weight management program and ensure you do all you can. 

The following suggestions and tips may help you in your post-pregnancy weight loss program:

  • Don’t stress yourself out nor expect all the extra weight to rapidly shed in few weeks. Avoid dieting or weight loss therapies if you’re breastfeeding. Breastfeeding moms cannot afford a program that will directly interfere with proper nourishment of their babies.
  • Liaise with your doctor and if recommended, consult a dietitian or nutritionist to know your calorie requirement and nutritional requirement per day. Eat what you and your baby need, and don’t over-eat for any reason.
  • Get some extra help for domestic chores or baby care and take time out for workout and exercise to keep fit all the way.
  • Learn some stress management techniques to deal with the stress of baby care. This may be yoga, swimming or mere counseling. Ensure you get all the help you need.
  • Get enough sleep at night to keep you going in daytime and if for any reason you get little night sleep, compensate by taking a nap during day time.
  • Consume healthy calories in the form of fruits, vegetables and lean meat (turkey/chicken/fish). Make healthy choices in cooking oil (olive oil over butter) and cooking techniques (broiling or grilling over frying).

If you have steadily gained the right amount of weight during pregnancy, now that you have delivered your baby, you have to keep-up your regimen to control your weight and calories intake. Just an increase of 100 calories daily can culminate into weight gain of 10 pounds over a year.

Always remember, gaining weight after pregnancy is very easy but losing it may be uphill task you may not be able to afford.

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