First Pregnancy Poem for first time Mom

by Łukasz Michalak
(Zgierz, Poland)

First Time Pregnancy Poems

When a woman meets a man of similar needs
Then more often than not
They grow close to each other and before you know it
Atmosphere gets boiling hot

Such emotions can lead to something more rigid
Hatched when two bodies entwine
You and your man entered paramours' dance
And the results were quite benign

He planted new life inside of your body
Soul separate from yours
A child that will soon enter this world
And open your happiness' doors

Surely you feel that something has changed
Your body is different inside
But don't be afraid, it's normal in this state
Believe me, you're gonna be fine

Your mood can change very rapidly
Once happy, the other time sad
But every time you feel your little baby's kick
It makes you blissful instead

If you're ever in doubt, stop for a moment
And think – am I really alone?
There are people around you
Who would gladly help
So let your disquiet be gone

Before you notice, nine months will pass
And then as it's already been said
Your water will break and not before long
You'll be lying in hospital bed

You'll have to work hard, you may endure pain
Contractions may be far apart, and inconsistent
Whole process may not be too short
But count it all joy
You will forget all the hardships you had
Hearing your baby's first snort

They say that the feeling that two lovers share
Is similar to a burning flame
It can easily be fueled by overwhelming passion
But it can be put out all the same

The kind of affection that woman has
For the child that she bore
Unlike the love that she feels for her man
Is very different a love
As permanent as stone

Remember: panta rei
Spouse may divorce you, friends may leave you
But you'll never stop being mother to your child
It's one thing that'll always stay
From this first time, and ever
Oh Pregnant Mom

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Sep 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Bautiful poem. I like the most comparision - love between baby and mother is hard as stone.

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