Father's Day Poem for Expecting Daddy from Pregnant Wife

by Adeniyan Adekemi
(Ternopil, Ukraine)

Happy Father's Day Poem to an expecting Daddy from his Pregnant Wife.

Everyone has a father
but you will ever be the best
you understand my simple fury
on strong shoulders you carry me through
the months of holding our little gift
You give me a bunch of yellow flowers
when I’m cranky and slightly embarrassed.
I say thanks with little or no feeling
even when I slowly drift away
You remind me the essence of life

My Husband and my Superman
You are my one and everything
With you nothing seems impossible
You are simply a ball of perfection
You hold my hands through every pain
Making sure nothing is ever missing
The way you listen to our baby’s knock
With that caring look in your eyes
Is what makes me stronger each day?
Knowing with you the future is ever bright

I celebrate the Father you’ll be
And the perfect husband you are
In just a few more months to go
Our little one will have a Hero
That will give answers to all his questions
And build him a castle made of sand
I can’t wait to hear him call you daddy
While we all share a walk along the beach
You bring me hope of tomorrow
You will never be forgotten

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