Dad Poem on Birth of his Baby Boy

by Jason Topacio
(Manila, Philippines)

This is an inspirational poem about the birth of a Baby Boy to a first time Dad, on the arrival of his new Baby Boy.

So seldom has a miracle,
So beautiful and sublime,
Been as constant and unwavering
As the tides of time
The empty void, within her heart,
fills with sudden joy
As her child now grows within her womb,
A bouncing baby boy

“Fruit of life, sweet child o’ mine
Your future is so bright
I will cherish and nurture thee,
And bring you to the light
My gentle hands will keep you clean
And always free of ill
The fire of my very life
I give you with all my will”

Kind whispers of her loving sleight
Caress you while you sleep
Your mother’s voice, within your heart,
Forever will you keep
No pain or noise or any course
Will give you pause tonight
Your mother’s shielded warm embrace
Will keep you out of sight

“Seed o’ mine, my little one,
You’re so pure and true
With all my heart I offer you
All my deeds and all I do
A gift of God, my blessed son,
You truly are to me
You’ve changed my life for the better
Now and I’m happy as can be”

Time has passed and you’re ready now
Your moment has arrived
The stress and weight will be over soon
Together you survived

“I bring you now into this world, innocence anew
And pour to you all my love,
This day I’ll never rue
All my hopes and all my dreams
Are alive as you endure
For my sadness and loneliness
You alone are the cure”

Her strength fades and her time has come,
She brings you to this world
The danger is but a memory now,
You’re safe and sound and curled
Let mother sleep, she needs her rest
And morning should come soon
She’ll pick you up and smile at you, Her motherhood attune

“Sweet child o’ mine, my life and all,
My love for you persists
For never in all my life
Has such happiness exist
Today I celebrate you, my son
And your arrival to this earth, long awaited
No other day will be as close to me
As this, your first, your birth”

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